3-Year-Old Euthanized at Charles Town

I have confirmed that 3-year-old Unsuspected is dead after “pull[ing] up appearing lame” and being “vanned off” in the 1st at Charles Town Friday.

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  1. Again every single day another story about another dead race horse. Will this brutality never ever end??? A 3 year old – too young to have been anywhere near a race track. But no one is listening to those of us who know about horses and know about horse racing. These death traps of tracks all need to be closed. The people involved the politicians everyone is so incredibly “crooked” – this needs to stop – the slaughtering needs to end – what in the hell is the matter with everyone?? Do you think it is normal every day to read about “kills” at all of these tracks. These people are murderous bastards who do not give a shit if a horse is dead or not – don’t kid yourself they totally do not care. The rest of us need to care and need to stop this horse racing.

    • Cathy, I hear you,it’s beyond insane,all these deaths.Can’t people find something else…to keep their pathetic selves occupied?

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