Saratoga Opens – With Three Kills Under Its Belt Already

Just disclosed by the NYS Gaming Commission (why the delay?): Gattino Marrone “fractured sesamoids” training at Saratoga July 3 – dead. The 3-year-old becomes Saratoga’s third victim on the season – a season that officially opened yesterday.

Also, a yet-to-be-named 2-year-old broke down training at Belmont yesterday morning – “ambulanced to barn, euthanized.” He/she is the 21st dead racehorse at Belmont since the 1st of the year. NYRA’s vaunted safety program exposed – again.

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  1. NYRA gives racing a despicable name. Its exactly the same with the irresponsible horse owners, trainers, and blind race officials that cant see a doped horse in the never ending abusive line-up! SHAME ON THEM!!!!

  2. GATTINO MOARRONE – so sorry for you.
    Changed hands and ended up with a multiple dope violating trainer, Rudy Rodriquez, who has killed many racehorses under his legal care, custody and control.
    The commissions and racetracks are well aware of his nefarious activities and they still accommodate and facilitate him.
    This one example alone exemplifies how this business doesn’t care, continually puts the racehorses at risk like handing a drunk driver the keys every single time (S)he is drunk, and then facilitating this person to kill.
    Jerry Hollendorfer has been banned from Santa Anita and his horses are now being trained by his Assistant in New York – as if that makes a difference.
    Anyways, if you were to examine the record of about 20 top trainers they all have dismal records that include doping, maiming, and killing.
    The same goes for the racetracks, not just Santa Anita, they are all hell holes for racehorses and they die on these tracks all over every single day.
    This has been going on for years and it’s time to shut this public butcher show down now.

  3. Can you detail the 3 per your articles headline at Saratoga? I need the reference dates & names & cause of death please. Thank you in advance.

  4. Puplic killing fields! All for the all mighty dollar! End this atrocity now!

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