“Was Badly Injured,” Dead at Monmouth

The end for a horse named Metallic came in the 4th race at Monmouth yesterday afternoon: “METALLIC vied outside for the lead, was badly injured entering the far turn and fell, euthanized after.” The Equibase writer also reports (in a decidedly loathsome manner) that another horse, The Best Candy, “fell over [his] fallen rival and was vanned off.” His “fallen rival,” of course, was the mortally injured Metallic.

This is horseracing.

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  1. I’m so sorry for all the futile pain and hurt these magnificent animals must endure to satisfy the whims of human greed. I’ll follow and support you always Patrick even though it’s devastating to do so. But we need to know. We all need to know. And the service you are doing for these animals is incomparable. Thank you.

  2. I wonder how many of the “good citizens” in the stands even batted an eye as a living sentient being died for their entertainment. Seriously, disgusting

  3. The racing attendees are basically greedy, primitive, disconnected, loathsome troglodytes, who haven’t a dram of feeling for the horses or animals in general. They are insensitive to anyone who is not of the human species, and even then they tend to flock with the more Neanderthal of our kind. Those magnificent creatures who live in misery, enslavement and fear, are looked upon as just commodities — necessary chess pieces in their game of entertainment and gambling. Like tissues, the horses are used and thrown away without a thought or a care. Just put a tarp around him/her and direct the crowd’s attention elsewhere, while the poor creature is “vanned off” — out of sight and out of mind. Unforgivable. I will fight for the end of this cruel “sport” for as long as it takes.

  4. I was a former exercise rider for this horse during his racing and they ruined him turned him into a walking crippled doped up horse.
    I have left this business because I can’t stand what these people do to these horses.
    Many people who comment on this site who relay their experinces are telling the truth.
    They treat them horrible and they are nothing more than bets to them.
    Continue what you are doing because this needs to shut down.

  5. Such a tragic loss, horse racing is over for me>> he died without pleasure in his life>> just pain and strain!

  6. I am sick of this callous, inhumane “pastime “
    for the greedy and ignorant public. These broken, tortured creatures are suffering and dying in great numbers. Get ready because the slaughter begins up here in Saratoga Springs New York on Thursday.
    One of our local news stations, WTEN channel 10,
    parks their anchors’ fat butts there every year to broadcast from “the track”. We need a big protest presence at Saratoga that can be seen on these broadcasts.

  7. I want horse racing to become illegal. I used to watch it at my local fair each year. But the more I learn about what an awful life it can be for horses, I refuse to support it anymore. I have loved horses my whole life and they don’t deserve this

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