How Do You Sleep at Night?

The 4th at Parx yesterday afternoon, as relayed by the Equibase writer: “Daybreaker, unruly in the post parade and fractious in gate, suffered a catastrophic injury to his right hind and was euthanized.” So, this young (adolescent) 4-year-old horse was “unruly and fractious” – indicating he didn’t want to be there – prior to being whipped to “race,” then “suffered a catastrophic injury” and is dead. A sincere question to all within, and all who support, this vile business: How do you sleep at night?

How do you sleep at night?

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  1. To answer the proverbial question, “How do they sleep at night?” The exploiters sleep like babies because they do NOT care.

    I’ve seen horses reluctant to load many times. It is not a pretty sight and it was extremely upsetting to me to even read Patrick’s post. What occurred in the gate was prophetic as to what was going to occur just moments later. Please stop betting on the horses. Do what Pete Rose did and bet on baseball instead.

  2. So often we hear – “they LOVE to run..”, “they love to race”… well, this horse, like so many, as Mary said, was screaming that he did not want to race!! He knew he was sore, he knew he was injured, and he tried so hard to save his life! And everyone from the trainer, to the jockey, to the state vet, to the starters, ignored him. Then he died. His blood is on ALL of their hands!

  3. Daybreaker was fighting for his life but nobody “listened”- they never do. He was doomed.
    The mix of callousness and ignorance in this business is alarming.

  4. Some of the horses don’t have a problem loading into the gate, but the ones that don’t shouldn’t be forced. I feel for each and everyone of them, and I get anxious just watching them. There’s not much I like about racing anymore, between training them much too young, racing them at 2 years of age, beating them (I’d take the whips away from the jockeys. There’s nothing to like, and dying for a $2 bet, is a total disgrace (of course, it doesn’t matter the amount). Don’t know how many people have ever seen Steeple Chasing (I think that’s the name), but it’s barbaric. I can hardly wait until Patrick doesn’t have to write about the deaths of these magnificent animals, because there will be no more racing. There are many people who’ll have to answer for their sins.

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