Kill…Kill…Kill…Kill – At Least 4 Kills on U.S. Racetracks Yesterday

At Suffolk, according to Equibase, Royal Ransom “broke down” and, I can confirm, is dead. Today will be this track’s last day ever. Yes, that’s right, after 85 years of abusing and killing (likely thousands of) horses, Suffering Downs is closing for good, leaving (for now) the whole of New England without a single Thoroughbred racetrack. Massachusetts, be true to your progressive reputation and keep it that way. Say no to Great Barrington or any other reboot for this cruel, deadly industry.

At Parx, Rove “suffered a catastrophic injury to her left front foreleg, was eased and subsequently euthanized.” Rove was four and under the whip for the 26th time – oh, and she was “For Sale” for less than the cost of a cheap used car prior to dying.

At Churchill, Will Call, says BloodHorse, “collapsed after finishing 11th…and died on the track, leaving connections to think he suffered a heart attack or heat stroke.” If the former, Will Call was five; if the latter, all the worse. Owner Richard Klein:

“This one stings as bad as I’ve had. Just because we own the stallion, had owned the mare, and this is the first horse of the stallion to ever win, first horse for the stallion to win a stakes—a graded stakes—and he’s the first horse that the family won a graded stakes with on Oaks or Derby day.” “Stings” because Will Call was a “winner.” Vile.

At Laurel, Hot Sriracha “sustained a catastrophic injury and fell soon after”; he, too, is dead. Two other horses – Detroit Cowboy and Wilko’s Goldeneye – fell over the downed Hot Sriracha, conditions unknown at this time. True to form, “Maryland Racing” edited-out the ugliness on its official YouTube channel.

That’s at least four kills on U.S. tracks yesterday. Must be Jerry Hollendorfer’s fault.


  1. The only thing I hate about living in San Diego is our Del Mar racetrack. It makes me sick that this cruel sport continues. I pray horseracing everywhere will end.

  2. Horse racing will end when people stop going, stop betting, stop supporting it in any way.
    It will definitely end when our politicians, the people we vote in, stop throwing billions in casino profits, corporate welfare and/or taxpayers money to support them because they can’t support themselves in light of billions in wagering and sales profits – where in the hell is this money going?
    When Patrick went before the senate Senator Jordan was quick to defend this vile business with the same old lines: jobs and the economy it supports.
    I have a question for you Senator Jordan:
    Have you ever considered prioritizing education over this vile business?
    Apparently not, but let me point out to you Senator Jordan that education in America provides more jobs, good jobs, that this industry ever will and our education system is suffering because of politicians like you who insist on giving this industry billions in casino profits instead of sending it to our educational facilities.
    So it seems reasonable to assume that you, Senator Jordan, places the killing of racehorses more important than the education of our children.
    Shame on you and shame on the current Ontario Premier Rob Ford who cut hundreds of teaching jobs so that he could support Ontario Horse racing to the tune of 100 million dollars per year after they received 345 million per year for 12 years.
    No worries Mr. Ford you will be voted out of office for upholding your “ole boys” networks over the dire needs of millions of Ontario residents.
    You need to be voted out of office and people please feel free to copy and paste this comment and send it to Senator Jordan.

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