While the Chart Merely Said “Vanned Off,” She Was Actually Euthanized Where She Lay

In the 2nd at Belterra Sunday, Pomera, according to the Equibase writer, “went wrong and fell…and was subsequently vanned off.” In fact, she is dead. What’s more, I have confirmed that she was euthanized right there on the track. So the only thing the “van” was carrying was a lifeless 7-year-old body.

This is horseracing.

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  1. Track authorities just doing their jobs; LYING about horse deaths. That is what they do. All of them.
    From the announcers, who continue calling the race with nary a mention of the horrific carnage going on mere yards behind any still-moving contenders; to camera operators who focus their lenses on anything but the sickening and obvious struggles of some poor, confused, broken-down thoroughbred as it goes into shock; to the outriders who literally shield from view the dying beast(s) until such time as the tarp can be brought out to block what remains of the horror-show spectacle.
    And, of course, the industry writers, whose jobs as “journalists” is to downplay/obfuscate/suppress any and all accurate information about the massive suffering inflicted by their non-sport. Too bad for them it’s no longer like the bad old days when the truth was so much more easily hidden, and the public was made to believe these horses were “loved.”

  2. LIES.
    Their lies have been going on for years.
    This business has got to be the most unnecessary form of gambling venue in history.
    Yet, our politicians continue to throw money at them.
    It’s absolutely disgusting and so is a racehorse killer Python Patricia Farro.
    This lady continues to claim racehorses, maim, and kill them.
    RED RAZZO this 7 year old gelding has made over $644,000 per year!!!
    Yet, this is NOT ENOUGH for these human blood sucking leeches as you can count on this racehorse maimer and killer to squeeze the life out of this horse like she’s done so many times before.
    Ms. Python Farro I know you probably don’t have time to read the posts here since you are busy picking out your next victim, but I sincerely hope that the racehorse spirits come back to bite you in your ugly ass and face.
    I know that this sounds horrible, but it doesn’t come close to all the pain and suffering that you continue to perpetrate on racehorses daily you low life piece of crap.

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