11 Kills at Oaklawn Park in 2019

Through a FOIA request to the Arkansas Racing Commission, I have confirmed the following kills at Oaklawn Park so far this year. It’s worth noting that since I began doing this (FOIA requests), this is the first time Arkansas has forwarded information; in fact, it is the first time since my initial request in 2014 that they have even responded. I currently have requests pending for the years 2014-2018.

Thunder Bye, Jan 24, Oaklawn T – “humerus fracture”
Blue Anchor, Jan 27, Oaklawn R – “fractured a carpus/knee”
Luna de Rojo, Feb 3, Oaklawn T – “catastrophic training injury”
Vision, Feb 13, Oaklawn T – “euthanized,” no other details given
Could Be Game, Feb 16, Oaklawn T – “euthanized,” no other details given
Zuba Ziba, Feb 28, Oaklawn T – “euthanized,” no other details given
Macer, Mar 2, Oaklawn T – “euthanized,” no other details given
My Mystery, Mar 7, Oaklawn R – “euthanized,” no other details given
Justlikesister Ray, Mar 8, Oaklawn T – “euthanized,” no other details given
Magnolia Petal, Mar 24, Oaklawn T – “euthanized,” no other details given
Bad Humor, Apr 4, Oaklawn R – “euthanized,” no other details given


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  1. When a horse is put down and no reason is given, there should be a full investigation to find out what or who caused this to happen. These horses are so very young when starting, every precaution should be taken for their well being! People are getting away with animal abuse and it should be stopped! I don’t know what all goes into horse racing but I do know that the animals are trained to run and win money for their owners, when they quit making money they are sold, abused or sent to slaughter pins. Dr. Drip was one of those horses, he suffered tremendously before being rescued but it was too late to save him! This is something that should never happen to one of those beautiful animals!

  2. GOOD TO SEE YOU INTERVIEWED on CNN yesterday!!!!! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE keep up YOUR wonderful work, Patrick 😊 Kudos and blessings to your entire STAFF!!!!!

  3. I hate these kills
    And this aweful track is 20 miles from my house. I avoid even looking at the place. Npw they are building a multi million dollar casino/hotel smack in the middle of town. Churches, schools, retailers all around it. Please make it stop!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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