Inflection Makes It 18 Dead Racehorses at Belmont This Year

From the NYS Gaming Commission: Inflection was “euthanized due to poor prognosis” after breaking in the 10th at Belmont June 9. The Rudy Rodriguez-trained colt finished a combined 93 lengths back in his five previous times under the whip.

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  1. I was always under the impression that the trainer plays a role in the health,care and welfare of his horses in this case The Trainer of Record being Rudy Rodriguez. Does he not know the physical condition of the horses he trains,especially I believe he and his brother exercise their horses. I believe most horses don’t just take a “BAD STEP” and break down.This fatal injury is something that has been brewing prior to the actual catastrophic event. These trainers must know that something is not right before the fatal event. If they are not astute enough to know when some problem is developing,this business has a bleak future and is near an end. I know this site is active in banishing horse racing,these are but futuristic lofty dreams. This is never going to happen so the next best thing is to retrain the trainers. One question I present, do you really think Rudy Rodriguez had to pass any trainers exam prior to being issued a trainers license. I believe if this was followed up you’d be surprised how many people training horses were never tested on there knowledge of horse anatomy,and they were just given their trainers license

  2. The loss of these beautiful horses is horrifying as I’m just learning about what really happens to them. It’s all about money, period. No one is there to protect them and care for their physical conditions before the races. Need to become mandatory that any weakness or signs of an injury in the making is checked out from vets who don’t have a stake in the race. And that suggestion will probably be taken as a joke from the trainers and owners. Disgusting.

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