Monster Who Starved Horse to Death Will Be Eligible to Return in 2022

The case of Tiz Willow, the 2-year-old who died of starvation at Golden Gate in January, was finally – why did it take almost five months? – adjudicated. But before I give the ruling, a reminder:

“Present were [Gustavo] Medina his translator Rob Cochran, investigator Mike Alford and CHRB Staff Counsel Rob Brodnik. Mr. Brodnik questioned Mr. Medina at length about his lack of care for the horse Tiz Willow, as did the Stewards. Mr. Medina had no explanation other than the other horses at the ranch wouldn’t let Tiz Willow eat. Even if that were true Mr. Medina had almost two months to remedy the situation. When given the opportunity to present witnesses on his behalf and generally defend himself he had little to say and no witnesses…but finally when prompted by the Stewards for some response, mumbled ‘I’m Sorry.’ A decision will be forthcoming.”

The ruling:

“Expired Exercise Rider/Owner Gustavo G. Medina is hereby deemed ineligible for licensing until February 28, 2022 pursuant to CHRB rule #1900 and fined the sum of $10,000 for failure to provide adequate care to the horse Tiz Willow from December 3, 2018 through January 25, 2019 and exercising horses without a valid license.

Further, it is the recommendation of this Board of Stewards that Gustavo G. Medina never be relicensed by the CHRB for an egregious violation of rule #1902.5 (Animal Welfare). The Stewards found Mr. Medina responsible for the inadequate care and feeding of [Tiz Willow], leading to the demise of that animal caused by malnutrition… The Stewards also considered the lack of remorse displayed by Mr. Medina.”

So, it would appear that Medina will at least have an opportunity to be a “horseman” again, even though the Board “recommends” that that never happens. When I questioned why not just a lifetime ban now, the CHRB replied that “the stewards can only suspend for the term of the license.” Imagine that – this monster could be right back at it in less than three years, if not in California, perhaps in some other state. And this says nothing of what he’s capable of doing to horses (or other animals) outside of Racing’s jurisdiction. Once again, this is what happens when the law (state animal-cruelty statutes) defers to industry. Vile, all the way around.

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  1. He should have had a lifetime ban of ever owning any animals – what a loser and we can all be assured that he will be right back at it within the 3 year period. I doubt very much that the fine will even be paid. This is just not good enough no matter what the “powers at be” may think. He deserved jail time for that horrific starvation of that poor horse. The rules and laws need to change to protect these animals much better than what it is doing at this time.

  2. whoever starved that horse should receive some of the same treatment-only REAL PUNISHMENT FOR ANIMAL ABUSERS WILL MAKE AN IMPACT ON THEIR WARPED MINDS. the racetrack should have been CLOSED long before the 37th horse died. WHO HAS BEEN PAID OFF TO LOOK THE OTHER WAY ????????


  4. Interesting that today 6/20 at Santa Anita race track, the media was all there for a press conference to cover the industry’s blathering on and on about how much these workers “love” the horses in their care — such false, lying propaganda. $$$$$$$$$. The public is now waking up and beginning to see through the bald-faced lies.

  5. This is no different than killing racehorses on their tracks either during training, racing, or in the stalls.
    Sure you could argue that the causes of deaths, broken bones;colic;cardiovascular collapse etc., are different, but they could have been prevented if it weren’t for this vile business and the vile people in it.
    Furthermore, just as a point of legal reference, trainers including Bob Baffert, Steve Asmussen, Todd Pletcher, Patricia Farro etc. have a litany of dead racehorses under their direct care, custody, and control.
    They keep on killing with zippo accountability and repercussions.
    I would allege that some of the killing are deliberate, for equine insurance money, which is precisely the high priced horses are sent to these trainers because there seems to be a “silent agreement” that if the horse doesn’t perform or show talent they suddenly die – they could be sending them out to the track to die.
    Moreover, we don’t know what the hell they inject into these horses in the morning in the corner cobwebs of their stalls, and their secret doping/vet records pretty much cements the impunity issues.
    So although this particular case is horrific – they all are – every single one of them.
    The self-managed imposed rules, under the pro-horse racing commissions, result in nothing most of the times or solely inadequate penalties such as this one.
    Medina should be banned for life, but so should the others who continue to kill.
    You would think that a racing commission that supposedly protects racehorses would have made sure there was a law on the books that would suspend their license for life, but this is horse racing.
    They don’t give a damn.

  6. Again, another reason — they just don’t end, do they! — to SHUT DOWN this depravedly CRUEL industry — once and for all.

  7. Our President wants to start deporting illegals this weekend, he could start with this murderer.

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