Arizona Downs, Where Families Can Share “New Experiences” Like Watching a Racehorse Be Killed

Equibase’s retelling of the 4th at Louisiana yesterday: “Kool Yankee was pulled up entering the drive and euthanized.” The 5-year-old was under the whip for the 14th time; oh, and “For Sale” (at the bargain-basement price of $5,000) the day he died.

The stewards at Arizona Downs have confirmed that Tizjohndeersway was euthanized after being “vanned off” in the 3rd race there Saturday – “lame left front” was the official diagnosis. Arizona Downs is the reboot of Yavapai Downs, which closed in 2010. Track manager Ann McGovern had this to say (AzBigMedia) back in May:

“Families are searching for new experiences they can share together without draining their wallets. We’ve planned our entire summer season with families in mind, and we’re keeping it very affordable. We want parents and children alike who haven’t experienced horse racing to fall in love with the sport.”

Nothing screams family fun like watching horses die. For shame.

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  1. How deranged a characterization is that? A chance for children to “fall in love” with this “sport” ? It is teaching children to watch miserably unhappy enslaved animals, who have no one to love them and protect them, being forced to hurt themselves. That’s all it is, in a nutshell.
    People, teach your children that animals have the basic, most simple right to autonomy over their own bodies. All species, not just horses. And teach them what autonomy means. It means not interfering with their species appropriate behavior. Horses are herd animals who should not live in a stall. They should never be pushed to run or be ridden. Or be moved from home to home to home. Or wear bits or tongue ties. Or separated from their offspring. OR EATEN! Or killed for body parts! Basic things like that. This is called “being fair”. Justice.
    Teach them to be caring guardians, not “owners”.

  2. Is this woman Ann McGovern serious – is she that much out of tune with the destruction that is happening daily at all of the race tracks or just plain stupid??? An event that people can involve their children in – OMG you stupid bitch – these are nothing but slaughter houses right on the track – horses being killed off daily because of common greed. The owners, trainers, etc are all just crooked bastards that do not give a shit about the animals what-so-ever. This is just a terrible situation that is taking place at the tracks and the tracks need to be all shut down. This is sure as hell not where you want to take your family for a “fun” day out and watch the destruction and loss of life first hand of these gorgeous animals. People have no time for the horses at all – they are put in ridiculous claiming races for next to nothing and hauled from track to track with no chance of ever surviving the abuse. It sickens me to say that humans are such a destructive bunch of bastards that could care less about the welfare of the animals.

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