“Collapsed and Died” – Five Years Old

The NYS Gaming Commission has disclosed that Easy Livin, five, “collapsed on jogging track exercising and died” at Monticello Saturday. Again, she was five years old.

The following day, Ro Bear “died in the barn at Belmont from an apparent impaction colic.” No mention of euthanasia. Imagine that. Ro Bear was six and had been put to the whip 40 times, most recently at that same track in May.

For Monticello and Belmont, this makes 6 and 17 dead racehorses in 2019, respectively.

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  1. Ro Bear would’ve been showing signs of distress desperately requiring medical treatment.
    They did nothing.
    They let him suffer one of the worst deaths for a horse.
    COLIC is excruciatingly painful and to not euthanase this horse is abhorrently cruel.
    You mongrel bastards.

    • And this took place at the Belmont racetrack where the final race, the Belmont Stakes, of the Triple Crown for 2019 very recently took place with Horseracing Wrongs’ 150 protesters at the entrance to the track speaking out for these innocent horses.

  2. This is so disheartening to think they continue to abuse these poor horses!!! OUTLAW horse racing now 😡

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