“Expired After Falling” at Laurel Park

One day after a three-horse fall (still attempting to secure updates; one source has Hero’s Welcome as dead), Laurel Park saw a confirmed kill in the 2nd Sunday. According to Equibase, “Follow the Petals…forged clear under pressure leaving the three sixteenths then expired after falling soon past the sixteenth marker.”

“Expired after falling.”

Follow the Petals was five; this was her 35th time under the whip. Once again, Laurel struck all ugliness from the official replay – and yet, they still saw fit to show the Winner’s Circle celebration. (Follow the Petals is #5, jockey in red.)

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  1. This greedy, monstrous industry cares NOTHING for the horses it imprisons, drugs, forces, whips and kills. How dare the “human” species allow this incessant atrocity to exist.

  2. If you’ve never “visited” a slaughter plant….you have no idea of inhumane treatment.

  3. The Del Mar racing season opening July 17, 2019. If people go to the site there’s a list of sponsors at the bottom of the page. People can contact these sponsors and let them know that they will be boycotting them.

    • Great idea Richard.
      On that note: PLEASE BOYCOTT JACKSON FAMILY WINES in California and in America.
      Every single time you sit down to a meal with a glass of wine DON’T buy this wine.
      The owner of Jackson Family Wines is Barbara Banke.
      Who is Barbara Banke?
      She’s a horse racing apologist, supporter, breeder, owns a training farm in Florida, owns a farm in Kentucky where she breeds thoroughbreds for this business.
      Furthermore, she sits on the board of Keeneland that ignores the plight of racehorses (contributions on sales are optional not mandatory) going to slaughter every single day while making BILLIONS in sales profits.
      She makes decisions re: racehorses and so far they have been to support horse racing on a massive scale.
      This lady has spent BILLIONS at the horse sales, breeding and training them.
      Like any horse racing apologist, many are dumped although she claims that she keeps them all or something like that.
      Every time you buy a glass of Jackson Family Wines you are supporting the massive pain, suffering, and dying of racehorses.
      Make no doubt about it – Ms. Banke supports every facet of this industry and she uses some profits from her wine company to pay for it.

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