11-Year-Old Killed in Her 75th Race; 5-Year-Old Killed in His 19th

In the 3rd at Thistledown yesterday, Coraline was said (by Equibase) to have “suffered an injury”; the injury, I have confirmed, was fatal. But there’s more: Coraline was an 11-year-old mare who was first put to the whip almost nine years ago – 75 times in all. And, she was “For Sale” at least 50 times. What a profoundly awful existence. What a profoundly despicable industry – with a special nod toward Coraline’s longtime trainer/owner Betty Ott, who, instead of turning her out to a pasture, kept trying to squeeze another hundred bucks from her abused, (surely) aching body. Vile.

Watch as Coraline gives her all for the 75th and final time…

The Equibase line for Calmack in the 7th at Louisiana Monday: “Calmack…pulled up entering the drive in distress and was euthanized.” Calmack was five years old and under the whip for the 19th time. He, too, was “For Sale” the day he died.

This is horseracing.

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  1. I am an ANIMAL.
    I was born into a landscape, the human animal tries to domineer and control. When I was born, a very big chasm was already here on this place they call Mother Earth. That chasm divides the ones called humans from me. With fear and uncertainty I peer from my assigned space; so afraid that I will stumble in the upcoming race. For thousands of years I have ploughed their fields, transported and given my all for them. I only expected a hand full of oats, fresh water to drink, and a pasture to be my space. Yes I am an animal and for me the world is not a very nice place! To CORALINE who was a true WINNER in every way!

  2. CORALINE – so sorry for you.
    I can only imagine the pain, suffering, endless joint injections, endless needles being shoved in and out of your veins, intense confinement, never knowing a normal existence, but rather a forced slave.
    This was all done at the behest of your morally bankrupt, blood sucking parasitic human leech racehorse abuser, and killer Betty Ott.
    Betty is a human monster who has squeezed every last cent out of you while all the apologists watched on, condoned the continuous abuse of this mare.
    This is utterly despicable, and you are a fucking low life piece of shit you Betty Ott and you need to be in jail because what you did to Coraline SHOULD be a crime.

  3. Its a ruthless, greedy, heartless, business in many ways.Many owners have no clue of what goes on.They just show up and socialize with people and hope to been seen in the winners circle.Its alot of trainers playing the game of salesman to owners who know nothing!!!!!The horse always pays the price in the long run.

  4. You are a cold hearted bitch- Betty Ott and you should be in jail or better yet just dead for your abuse to this poor mare. What in the hell did you expect from her and for how long. What a piece of shit you are and what a horrible life this poor mare had with you – imagine for sale – 50 times – are you really that god damn stupid and ignorant that you could not have just given her to a proper home and walked away – but on no – you had to have the last god damn say on her life and she died horribly because of it. You are a total disgrace to the equine industry. You need to be banned from every owning ANY ANIMAL ever!!!
    To Calmar – another horrible death – another poor animal for sale and another greedy owner trying to scrape the last few bucks out of his life – honest to God I can not believe how incredibly ruthless and uncaring you god damn race horse people are – you are a disgrace to all humans. End this horrible race track racing everywhere and send these ignorant f*ckers home once and for all.

    • I am sure that authorities would like to know that you are hoping a person dies, not a nice thing to say at all, Betty Ott loved that horse more than you would know, her horse loved to run too!! Unless you understand what goes on in racing then mind your own business, it is a passionate sport where there is a great love for the thoroughbred who is bred to run, they are NOT all drugged, whipped and abused as you simple minded activists seem to think. Horses get just as easily injured or killed in a pasture.

      • And yet, there she was, running an 11 year old mare who hadn’t really been all that competitive since 2017, and that was a win for other connections, not Betty. This poor mare was trying to tell her that she just wasn’t up to it anymore, but since she was a cash cow, Betty kept trying. Doesn’t seem very loving.

      • That is the biggest excuse race lovers use

        “Horses get injured or killed all the time running in the pasture.”

        The average horse can choose how to move and when to run, protecting himself if he is stiff or sore.
        In fact, the average horse in the pasture doesn’t run much at all, and definitely not at prolonged top speed, because it is in their nature to conserve energy in case they need to run from a predator.
        Horses living in a pasture get constant movement, keeping their muscles supple. Race horse spend hours standing in stalls, then are made to do explosive bursts of speed. (Think how stiff and sore YOU get after doing something strenuous – but YOU can decide how much rest you need).
        You don’t see the leg bones shattering on the average pasture horse, because they aren’t force fed a diet of hormones and drugs that turns their bones into parchment.
        The average horse is not given a grueling training schedule starting at 15 to 18 months old, forced to carry a rider, and move at high speeds for prolonged stretches.
        It is difficult for young horses to carry a rider, and they have to learn how to balance themselves. Factor in the fast growth rate of thoroughbreds – with bodies too big for still developing bones and muscles – and the high speeds they are forced to move at, and they can easily become off balanced and injured. Catastrophically.

        So don’t try to compare occasional accidents with an industry that churns out THOUSANDS of dead horses a year.

      • Betty Ott is a demented delusional racehorse abuser and killer.
        She didn’t love CORALINE she only loved what she could get out of CORALINE, which is why she continued to abuse her so she could squeeze every last cent out of her.
        Anybody who truly loves a racehorse would not risk its limb and its life every single day whether that’s training, racing or standing in their prison that you call a stall.
        You are just as delusional as the racehorse killer Betty Ott because you claim that racehorses talk and that they tell you that they love to run.
        Lady, check yourself into the nearest mental health facility for starters because your hearing voices, and the race replays clearly shows a horse that would rather be out in a grassy paddock than being abused by Betty Ott.
        However, I don’t only blame Betty Ott.
        I blame this entire business who watched this horse get abused and still facilitated the abuse by permitting Betty Ott to continue.
        There are only 3 categories of racehorse apologists:
        1. Abusers 2. Enablers of the Abuse 3. Both.
        Finally, she should be charged under Felony Animal Cruelty charges and be in jail where she belongs.

  5. This horse’s story really breaks my heart. they all deserve a better life! This mature mare was run to death, and treated like a machine. The saddest part is i’ve tried to find any mention of this anywhere in racing news (or news in general of course) and all i could find was ONE site that listed her as “deceased”. BTW, her lifetime earnings were listed as $105k. When has she done enough? Now she’s simply been erased.

  6. Betty Ott is in the business of making her living on the backs of utterly abused animals. it actually suits Ms. Betty to have her 11 yr. old mare, Coraline, off her feed bill.
    No matter what Ms.,Betty may say, her ACTION speaks LOUD and CLEAR – this unfortunate mare meant nothing to her.

    PS. Sad to say, this type of scenario plays out all too often in this business and most of it flies under the radar.

  7. Coraline went hard and fast to the lead and this is is an ELEVEN (11) year old MARE having her 75TH RACE START ?????????
    That is outrageous.
    Racing for NINE (9) years – imagine that!
    Before she broke down in this race, the jockey knew that something had gone horribly wrong with her.
    Proud of yourself, Betty Ott?
    Year after year after year you raced her into the ground knowing that she could break down any day and happy to part with her at least 50 times.
    Wow – you must’ve really loved her so much.
    She toiled away….race after race
    and whipped and whipped and whipped on at least 75 occasions with a minimum of 5+ strikes on each of those occasions, let alone being whipped in training.
    Oh what a miserable life you made for her causing her cruel death.

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