Moro Chief Killed at Lone Star; Eyewitness Says No More

According to the chart, Moro Chief “went wrong outside the sixteenth-pole and fell” in the 4th at Lone Star Saturday. In fact, the 3-year-old is dead, euthanized says WFAA, back in the barn. An eyewitness has reached out to me; here is her testimony:

“I was at Lone Star on June the 8th. A horse named Moro Chief died in race 4. They didn’t state what happened, but to me he tripped and broke his neck or broke a leg and went down. Moro Chief lifted his head once and then I am almost positive he passed away immediately. The track hands brought out the green sheets and the truck and trailer and he was driven away. It was a horrifying scene. It just bothered me heavily that this horse died and was swept away never to be mentioned again.

I love horse racing but this was the last straw for me. This is my first time at the track in a year and as an Agriculture major who teaches high schoolers about horses, and as a horse owner myself, I just can’t stomach the death anymore. It’s so hard for me because my grandfather loved racing and he taught me what to look for and how to read a program before he passed a few years ago. I view it as a way to remember him. But this just blows me away. I rescued a spotted saddle horse earlier last year who was two days away from shipping to Mexico, and that really opened up the awareness of just how many registered OTTBs are dying every year for this sport. Thank you for exposing how many horses die every year.”

Tiffany Logan
Princeton, Texas

This commentary by WFAA (Dallas) anchor Mike Leslie is a must watch, not simply because he references Horseracing Wrongs, but, like the above, it is further evidence of changing sensibilities, most especially among recent fans.

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  1. To see a horse lose its life, in person, is a soul changing event. If one has a compassionate, empathetic soul. Unfortunately, most in this industry do not. Maybe they are sad for a day, then move on to the next victim. It’s “just part of the sport”, and “will always happen” is what I always heard.

  2. Thank you Tiffany for your share. I agree this is a horrendous so called sport and we are losing horses every single day that these race tracks are open. It is so incredibly sad to see the slaughter of these horses and just way too many people do not care. The owners and trainers are in my opinion a bunch of losers who are only interested in the “win” pictures and collecting their prize. There is just no concern for the lives of these horses and I am like you I find these posted stories are more and more disgusting and there are far too many of them – far too many deaths and no one acts like the care about the horses at all. It is a horrible sport that needs to end NOW – the sooner the better – close them all down once and for all.

  3. Thank you Tiffany, and a huge shout out to Mike Leslie although he still considers the massive deaths as a “sport.”
    Racehorses have been dying for this unnecessary gambling venue for years.
    We now know how many are dying thanks to this blog.
    However, as often noted, these figures are minimum at best because the countless private training centers don’t disclose their dead and they don’t have to.
    Then there are the dead racehorses that don’t even make it to training for various reasons, but still all are victims of this vile business.
    This business is a blood bath (both during racing when dying or on the slaughterhouse floor after they are done maiming them), always has been, but for those of you who are just waking up to the reality of horse racing – no more excuses – stop supporting, defending.
    As for the cruel,heartless morons who wake up every single day to take care of a horse supposedly like a “family member,” watch it get needles into and out of it’s body crevices, watch it suffer and then watch it die only to return the next day and start doing the same thing all over again – there’s something wrong with you.
    Please check yourself into the nearest mental health facility and in the meantime horse racing should be subjected to Felony Animal Cruelty laws so that most of you can end up in jail where you race horse abusers and killers belong.

  4. I watched the whole race replay from start to finish on lone star site. Moro was in first place and fell. It was horrid. No wonder Tiffany took the time to let her feelings be known
    I can only imagine seeing this in person. It was upsetting watching the replay already knowing what was going to happen and Tiffany called it exactly like it happened.

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