Is Golden Gate Covering Up Its Kills?

In the 7th at Golden Gate June 2, Alive and Well, says Equibase, “went wrong on the second turn and fell.” As regular readers of this site know, “went wrong” is almost always racing-speak for dead. But curiously, nothing was disclosed in the Stewards Minutes that week. In fact, the stewards there have not reported a training or racing death since January. Not one. This, of course, is quite literally unbelievable, especially with Golden Gate running continuously through the subsequent 4 1/2 months. So, I reached out to the California Horse Racing Board.

First, Alive and Well is nothing of the sort – the 4-year-old was indeed euthanized for a broken fetlock. The board added this in response to my other query: “While there is no statutory requirement for the stewards to include fatalities in their minutes, as a policy matter the CHRB does seek uniformity in the minutes throughout California, so this is an oversight that is being dealt with. You can expect to see fatalities in the Northern California minutes going forward.”

So how many more horses have died at the (other) Stronach California track this year? Stay tuned, as I have submitted a FOIA request.


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  1. omg…….

    Shawna O’Connor

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    On Mon, Jun 10, 2019 at 2:11 PM Horseracing Wrongs wrote:

    > Patrick Battuello posted: “In the 7th at Golden Gate June 2, Alive and > Well, says Equibase, “went wrong on the second turn and fell.” As regular > readers of this site know, “went wrong” is almost always racing-speak for > dead. But curiously, nothing was disclosed in the Stewards Minu” >

  2. I’ve always suspected that ALL tracks can and do hide their true equine fatality numbers. Thank you, Patrick, for confirming this suspicion, and calling them out on it. I guess this is why racing people never admit that ANY of their horses get sent to the slaughterhouse; they wrongly assumed that nobody would ever check. Glad they’re finally being shown as the liars they truly are. Again, thank you.

    Oh, and a dead horse named “Alive and Well?” So clever. Stay classy, horse racing folks. The demise of your entire, sadistic industry is near, and you’ve no one to blame but yourselves.

  3. THANK YOU Patrick, I knew something was wrong at GG when I scanned the minutes & saw NO DEATHS recently , which of course is IMPOSSIBLE, with some of the biggest dopers in the business “train” there. while I watched that race on June 2nd, actually TWO horses went down, I know that alive & well was dead as his leg was HANGING OFF, after the jock the fell off & Alive and Well got up & tried in vain on 3 legs with one DANGLING LIMB to catch up to his friends running away from him, THE OTHER HORSE FELL OVER THE TOP OF HIM when he fell, 2 jocks where hurt & I don’t know what happened to the other horse, but i don’t think it was good, as there was no mention ( the announcer usually says the horses & jockeys conditions after a fall) , he said nothing on that day & I didnt see if the 2nd horse was injured & as you stated NOTHING in the minutes about the TWO horses falling or what happened to them. RACINGS DIRTY SECRETS ARE NOW STARTING TO BE HIDDEN FROM THE THE PUBLIC & PETA WHO IS IN HOT PURSUIT, but unfortunately Peta is in hot pursuit of “whips” , which are the least of the problem, they need to go after the DOPE IN THE HORSES SYSTEMS, EVERY HORSE THAT “GOES WRONG”, NEEDS A COMPLETE BLOOD & URINE ANALYSIS ALONG WITH VET BILLS IN THE LAST 3 MONTHS , THAT NEEDS TO BE PETA’S FOCUS. NOT THE FLIMSY WHIPS they are allowed to use now.

  4. These race track deaths are just far too “common,” with nothing but one excuse after another. The bottom line is that they all need to be shut down. There is nothing worse than doping a horse to have them run or do anything else – this is just totally not acceptable. I agree Peta needs to get on board with going after the far more serious ramifications of the racing industry. Every day there is just another story about deaths at the race track. People don’t get it that we are killing off these majestic animals by allowing these abusive owners and trainers to constantly get away with all of this b.s. No way that these deaths should not be reported to the general public and the public needs to wake up and be aware of what they are promoting within this horrendous industry. So incredibly sad and disgusting. I hope everyone of these bastardly tracks is closed permanently and the sooner the better.

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