2-Year-Old Is First Track Kill of Saratoga Season

2-year-old Investment Analyst was killed training at Saratoga Race Course Friday – officially (Gaming Commission), “sustained leg injury necessitating euthanasia.” Investment Analyst was being prepped for his first race. Five weeks out from Opening Day and hallowed Saratoga already has two deaths on its ledger.

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  1. Seriously another 2 year old – what in the hell is the matter with you people. Why don’t you just grab the foal the day they are born and slap the saddles on them!! Jesus H Christ at 2 years old they are no where near being ready to race and they should never be under saddle at this early stage in their lives. Do you owners and trainers just not have a f*in clue or are you just to stupid for words. How could there be so many of you ignorant pricks. This is out and out horse slaughter and I don’t give a shit what you all say. This poor little animal did not deserve to have this horrendous end to it’s life. You bastards are so incredibly greedy and money hungry it is just pathetic. I hope that karma comes around very soon to end the lives of all of you bastards.

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