Found “In Distress” in Stall, Collapsed, Died

The NYS Gaming Commission reports this for Buffalo Raceway, Tuesday: “Trainer [John] Perrin observed Heaven Rocks in distress in stall – horse collapsed – deceased prior to arrival of veterinarian.” The Commission has filed this under “non-racing,” but, inconveniently, the long-suffering Heaven Rocks (seven years old) had just been raced three days prior. No matter, dead is dead – and this vile industry is wholly responsible.

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  1. This is a senseless sport, racing a horse is bad enough, but having Hobbles, all kinds of straps and pulleys as well as pretty severe bit, with little regard for the horses, is disgusting. Animals suffer for human egos. Outrageous.

  2. If they—-The Humans–could see how absolutely stupid they looked—and how utterly cruel this so-called ‘Sport’ is— They would find a better way to spend their time– Perhaps I give them too much credit. God Please Be With These Poor Sentient Beings.

    • Susan,It’s not about entertainment. The bottom line,you’re correct in saying,it’s all about the money.From the gamblers up to and including,the highest reach in the state. With so much cash going through the windows,in my opinion NYRA in New York have pretty much been proven to be a corrupt enterprise on several occasions.What ever security measures they have taken in regard to their incoming cash from the gambling,is in my opinion the foxes guarding the hen house. It’s “LAUGHABLE” NYRA and the STATE are a JOKE . Everyone involved in protecting the public should be ashamed. Where is the Attorney General,Where is the Inspectotr General, Where is the IRS,Where is the Humane Society,Where is the INS, and Where is the FBI?

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