More Steeplechase Madness

The Fair Hill Steeplechase (Maryland) Stewards Report for May 24:

“4th Race – #3 Political Theatre fell at the 5th from last and was subsequently euthanized.” Political Theatre was seven years old. Twice in his last five races (not including the day he died, that is) Political Theatre was a “fell, DNF.”

The next day at Fair Hill, these:

“JESSE O slipped on the first turn and fell.”

“ROOFTOP VIEW fell heavily at the last fence… The horse was examined by the course vet, who reported bleeding from the left nostril back at the barn, but the horse was otherwise checked out and declared ‘sound.'”

“SEEKING ALBERT…was vanned off with a reported laceration of the right front.”

“AGGRESSIVE pulled up lame…reported to have bowed a tendon.”

Good, clean family fun.


  1. Jesse O is in fact doing just fine. He came back without a scratch and has been schooling, including cross training, with his owner since. Although I fully support the information you provide the public that racing routinely tries to buff out, for those that personally know some of these horses, it is appaling that you arent following up and posting the outcomes that are positive. I will continue to follow your blog, and support your opinions where I find them justified, however I hope you do more fact checking before posting information of an incident with a horse if said horse is perfectly fine and safe.

    • Oh, please.
      “…if said horse is perfectly fine and safe”? This animal is clearly neither. You should be well aware of the lengths to which those in your corrupt industry go to try to convince the public that racing thoroughbreds are “perfectly fine and safe.”
      They’re not.

    • Steeplechase/hurdle horses are forever falling in these abhorrently cruel races. Many suffer injuries, career ending injuries, serious injuries and death. Jesse O is extremely lucky to have survived this race. You say that he didn’t even get a scratch. JO would’ve suffered some grazing, highly likely a degree of bruising, shock and fear. And it’s possible he suffered a micro stress fracture and muscle strain. Galloping at fast speed whilst negotiating numerous obstacles (many don’t get to even sight the obstacles given that these horses are running and jumping so close together), some are ill prepared for the jump by the rider, carrying heavy weighted jockeys, whilst being mercilessly flogged with a whip pushing the equine beyond his natural limitations when seriously fatigued, is torture for these horses. And those who participate, support and condone this barbaric activity are people who are more than comfortable, to watch, scream, laugh and cheer theses horses as they desperately try to save themselves from falling, snapping a leg or two, fracturing a neck, skull or pelvis, pulmonary haemorrhaging and an exercise induced cardiac failure.

      Horseracing Wrongs stated that Jesse O slipped and fell and that is all that needs to be stated.

      Bet Jesse O can hardly wait to do it again but you’ll be there to pat him, tell him that you love him and wish him luck knowing that there’s every chance of him falling again and suffering a catastrophic injury and being euthanased just like POLITICAL THEATRE.

  2. Fred and Joan shame on you until American racing cleans up its act and bans all drugs in a horse that is racing your sport cannot be taken seriously and it is probably the only “sport” in a civilised world that allows widespread drug abuse with full consent of your jockey club that is even allowed?? wake up !!! These people are doing the right thing a horse is an incredible athlete but not pumped full of drugs until a no drugs policy is enforced your racing will remain in the dark cruel ages

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