A Pair of 3-Year-Olds Killed

In the 1st at Parx yesterday, “Miss Gee’s Love clipped heels, suffered a fatal injury and was euthanized” (Equibase). She was three years old.

I have confirmed that Dempsey, a “pulled up in distress, vanned off” at Gulfstream Thursday, was euthanized. He, too, was three.

Two more for the list – this is horseracing.


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  1. Disgraceful, disgusting pigs… Hope they don’t believe in Karma, because they’re in big trouble. Hope they don’t believe in God, because the God I always hear about wouldn’t condone anything about horse racing, not one damn thing.

    • Georgiegirl – I take issue with referring to these racehorse abusers and killers as pigs because pigs have more compassion than these racehorse abusers and killers.
      Pigs don’t buy and sell living beings in order to exploit, maim, dump and kill them.
      Pigs are super clean animals who want nothing more than to exist, and they are happy when living in their natural habitat.
      Pigs are smart while these pro-horse racing exploiters continue to demonstrate their lack of intelligence by perpetrating lies and delusions.
      Any rational, compassionate person would not be involved with such brutality against a sentient being, and would certainly not defend this violent death ring that often ends in racehorse’s dying.
      They count on the voiceless racehorse’s and dumb asses to fill races for their wagering profits.
      They exploit both, but the racehorse’s have no choice – the dumb asses who support this do.

      • Gina, I agree with you, I spoke out of turn. I normally call these humans monsters, which is exactly what they are. The rest of the Animal Kingdom put us to shame, by showing us what true compassion is.

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