Filly Becomes 15th Victim at Belmont Park This Year

According to Equibase, in the 7th at Belmont Friday, Anne’s Song “lost her action nearing the quarter pole and was placed to an immediate protective hold and expertly pulled up just after straightening away for home, then was subsequently vanned off.” (The NYRA chartwriters are well-known for commending complicit jockeys – “protective hold,” “expertly pulled up.”) We now know that Anne’s Song is dead – “horse euthanized,” says the Gaming Commission, “due to poor prognosis.” The 4-year-old filly is the 15th dead racehorse at Belmont Park this year.

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  1. I was wondering if NYRA would update the outcome after they wrote “investigation to follow”, though it doesn’t seem to have taken much investigation. She’s dead. Another statistic. Poor babe.

    • Exactly Dedicated.
      They sure as hell mind TAXPAYERS and CASINO money when it’s to their benefit.
      In other words, give us your millions with no accountability and total lack of transparency you dumb politicians so that the rest of the community can suffer while racehorses run in circles and get sent to slaughter.
      How many more deaths?
      How much more can we take?
      Of course they can count on their voiceless victims, the racehorses, to keep their mouth shut.
      Well I won’t.
      I will continue to be a voice for them as they drop in the dirt.
      Call and bang on the door of your politicians and demand that the money ends now because horse racing is sure to follow.

    • Dear Nancy,I can appreciate your cry for mercy for these hoses but posting about her darling face is too emotional and does not accomplish anything..Do this if you want to make a positive difference.Find out who the proud owner is of this horse,and give full credit where it’s due.The OWNER,EXACTLY! This should be done with every breakdown,NAME THE OWNER, let’s try it ! I’ve done it and it works. These owners don’t want to be known in the real world as heartless animal abusers. For sure, the trainers don’t want their owners messed with,and most owners have their reputation in their bread and butter business they have become successful in and i’m Sure they don’t want to be associated with an animal abuser ( Their Trainer ) If we all use this strategy the end to this abuse will come sooner than later..REMEMBER …..NO OWNERS…..NO HORSES….. NO HORSES …… NO GAMBLING ….NO GAMBLING….NO CORRUPTION….NO CORRUPTION…GAME OVER!

  2. HOW LONG ARE YOU GOING TO CONTINUE TO KILL THESE BABIES! All for the sake of money! EVIL GREED – that’s all it is!!!!

  3. I saw Annie’s Song as she was being vanned off the horse ambulance and hobbling down the shedrow. She was a beautiful grey filly. I was hoping she would be one of the lucky ones that could be saved. I feel so bad she is dead. I hope there comes a time when this killing will end. Stop horse racing and horse slaughter. End it now .

  4. We are still a cruel, greedy, primitive society. The fact that this breeding, abusing and mass murder is allowed to continue is proof of the madness of the human species. Pathetic and heart wrenching.

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