More Steeplechase Cruelty

From the Stewards Report for the Radnor Hunt Steeplechase in Pennsylvania May 18:

“DAPPER DAN fell at the 12th fence.”

“Both BALISTES and MUTIN fell at the 11th fence. The course vet reported that BALISTES was bleeding from the nose after his fall. He was…transported back to the barn area in the horse ambulance. [A vet] scoped the horse back at the barn and confirmed a pulmonary hemorrhage [and] possible sinus injury as a result of the fall.”

“The Stewards met with Barry Foley to discuss his continued borderline excessive use of the whip. Foley said he would try to be more aware of his whip use.”

This is horseracing.

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  1. BALISTES – another beautiful horse smashed up, suffering a fall which impacted so badly upon his body that he suffered a pulmonary haemorrhage and possible sinus injury and no doubt he suffered shock, trauma and fear and would be in a very bad way.
    3 horses fell – this is typical of a steeplechase race. And of course we know that some fail to finish because their bodies cannot cope, some snap legs, break necks, smash skulls and DIE.

    Forcing horses to gallop over a long distance at fast speed over numerous obstacles (many horses don’t get to properly sight the obstacles and some are ill-prepared by rider to jump), running close together when preparing to jump, on jumping, on landing and one often sees a horse veering across the path of another during the jumping process which often results in serious injury/death, carrying heavy jockeys and being cruelly whipped when seriously fatigued, is abhorrently cruel.
    And so sickening to see people yell, scream, laugh and enjoy watching these poor horses strive to stay alive whilst going through pure torture.
    The owners, trainers, jockeys et al who participate in, support and condone this vile activity are, at the very least, sadistic monsters.

  2. How much more cruelty is permissible – with a racehorse veterinarian inexcusably slapping the jockey on the hand to use his whip more lightly after a hemorrhaging nosebleed?

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