A Few Simple Actions to Help California’s Suffering Horses

As the desperation mounts in the wake of 31 dead horses at Santa Anita and the unrelenting (and unprecedented) national media coverage, here are a few simple actions advocates can take to keep the pressure on. First, sign our petition asking Ziggy Marley to cancel his upcoming (July 20) Del Mar gig. Second, deluge the Governor’s office, as well as those of other politicians, with emails and calls of protest (note: please make clear that you are not interested in reform – just an end).

Change petition to Ziggy Marley

Governor Newsom

California’s state legislators

California’s national legislators

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  1. I am very grateful for your excellent work! Thank you! You are right. There is no such thing as reform! Corticosteroids and designer drugs make that impossible. I did Prop 6 and changed the universal birthdate of race horses to the foaling date. I also did a bill to take all drugs out of horse racing and it did really well. That’s a story. Just wanted you to know that I respect your knowledge and accuracy and hope that you will give your opinion to Judie Mancuso!

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  2. Thank you for giving us direct action steps. Although I am out of state, I will still contact CA representatives and let them know other states are watching….

  3. Patrick, thanks for providing the proper venues to state my position: SHUT DOWN horse racing.
    I sent them a clear, civilized message that I want this brutality, violence, bloodshed to shut down.
    I implore anybody reading this to please “get active” by utilizing our political process to let our politicians know that we want horse racing to shut down and we want to END all financial welfare to horse racing including casino profits.
    Horse racing is a public butcher show that doesn’t belong in a civilized society and certainly doesn’t deserve any financial support whatsoever.
    That money should be going to community essential projects not for a bunch of racehorses to run in circles only to be subsequently sent to slaughter in most cases.
    Our politicians need to wake-up and smell the coffee, stop accepting “bribes” or monies from this business that takes the money out of the hands of the community who needs it much more than these animal abusers.
    Please people do something.
    The racehorses need our voices now more than ever because it’s only going to get worse as the racehorse population dwindles to fill a ridiculous amount of racetracks in the U.S.
    This has been and will continue to fall on the bones, backs, and lives of racehorses.
    To all you gambling people: go out and gamble on a slot machine, but don’t gamble on racehorses.

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