A “Went Wrong” Kill at Delaware Park

A euphemism, according to the American Heritage Dictionary, is “a mild, indirect, or vague term for one that is considered harsh, blunt, or offensive.” One of the more notorious racing euphemisms is “went wrong” – a phrase that almost invariably means dead. Wednesday, in the 6th at Delaware, Johnny Jump Up “went wrong”; he is, we now know for sure (Stewards Report), dead.

This is horseracing.


  1. Hey, Patrick
    I saw you on Real Sports with Bryant Gumble. Great interview! I remember the previous 2008 piece Bernie Goldberg did on the slaughter of race horses very well. I’m so glad he still has an interest in the welfare of racehorses in this country.
    I did not know about the low rate of racehorse deaths in Europe. It makes sense, doesn’t it. No drugs numbing unhealed injuries, and strict penalties for trainers if a horse is found with any drug in its system on race day, in France. I wonder how long that policy has been in effect, and what lead to it. Were there a lot of deaths on tracks, back in the day, that this policy was enacted? And, the report wasn’t clear, or I missed it, but is this law, or the policy of French race tracks?
    I also did not know there was a bill stalled in Congress to do with racehorse safety. I think I am going to send an email to Senators Schumer and Gillibrand’s offices, to learn more about this, and to let them know that I would like to see protections for racehorses enacted in this country. One thing about politics…if one person contacts their congress person about an issue, that means there is on average, 1000 people in that legislator’s district who feel the same, but are not contacting that office. But, all 1001 of those people vote.

  2. “Went wrong” – oh yes – the common euphemism blaming the horse.
    Most ALL go wrong directly due to this vile business and the vile people in it so stop blaming the racehorse.
    They are the victims of this modern day slave trade.
    Take for example the rise and fall of NIGON’S GLORY.
    Started out at “prestigious” Woodbine which is nothing more than another dumping ground like they all are.
    His original “trainer” Rachel Halden would often coo about how great he is, how she vows to take care of him, how she loves him like a family member (paraphrasing) and all the usual lines that these delusional leeches often repeat.
    So what happens to Nigon’s Glory?
    Well after making over $400,000 it’s time to dump him because the doping, joint injections, and the SWT therapy is no longer working, probably, and he can’t run at upper levels anymore.
    Is a grassy, lush paddock waiting for him?
    No, another round of abuse as Rachel Halden and her owners (super rich Chiefswood Stable Ltd who bred the horse and is solely responsible for bringing him into this world) dump him where his life of hell begins in the claiming ranks.
    It’s important to note that Chiefswood Stable owns a huge farm full of empty paddocks or the racehorses that they breed to fill races for this vile industry.
    Now 9 years old, and $499,000 later, changing hands multiple times, being shipped around like a chattel from track to track, different regimes, different feeding schedules, and probably lots of dope and/or ESWT to boot.
    Yesterday, he was claimed by racehorse exploiter extraordinaire Steve Assmusen and I’m sure he’s in for another round of abuse and exploitation.
    Let’s not forget that Steve Assmusen had no problem sending out the champion NEHRO with half his hoof hanging off and was in extreme pain.
    This bastard sent him out where he subsequently died from colic most likely brought on by pain and stress.
    So Nigon’s Glory – sorry for you pal as they will probably pump you up with something, make lots of money off of you and then dump you – typical modus operandi for this abusive “trainer.”
    RICHARD’S BOY – claimed by Steve Assmusen yesterday by racehorse exploiter Carl Brewster.
    Not even $979, 372 is enough to give this hard knocking racehorse dignity, and a retirement that he ran his ass-off for while being beaten/whipped.
    The “well-connected” Carl Brewster has been buying, selling, exploiting, dumping racehorses for years.
    He seems to have a moral burp as he sent Richard’s Boy to a equine rehabilitation center to determine what to do next.
    I won’t hold my breath.
    He’s not spending all this money to take care of the horse, he’s probably on a path back to the track.
    Retiring Richard’s Boy to a grassy paddock doesn’t cross the mind of any of these vile people as they continued to squeeze him dry.
    This is a repulsive business full of blood sucking human leeches.

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