“Fatally Injured” at Charles Town

The 8th at Charles Town last night: “KATYS MIRACLE…showed no response to steady urging [did not respond to be whipped, that is], broke his right hind leg nearing the quarter pole and had to be euthanized on the track” (Equibase).

This is horseracing.

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  1. Horse beater extraordinaire Mike Smith (just watch his race replays) demanded at the recent California Senate hearing that jockeys keep the whips because they are used for “safety” reasons.
    He even went so far to cite the recent Kentucky Derby example when Maximum Security drifted out and implying that it would have been a disaster if the jockey didn’t correct the horse.
    Upon replay it was the jockeys hands using the bridle NOT THE WHIP that was primarily used to correct course.
    Mike Smith has been beating horses for years – and his use of the whip is to beat the crap out of a, most likely, tired/sore racehorse slowing down to protect itself on most race replays that I reviewed (too numerous to list all of them on here).
    These jockeys know that they get away with it, get slap on the wrist fines, and are, more or less, condoned by either the trainers/owners/gamblers/commissions to continue beating horses to get a better outcome.
    It’s an outright misrepresentation for any jockey to claim that they use it for “safety” reasons because most of the time (about 90% if I were to put a figure on it) they are beating the crap out of a racehorse and it should be a chargeable offense in our court systems – Felony Animal Cruelty charges.
    The whip contributes to many racehorses demise, and subsequent breakdowns – absolutely and to say otherwise is another delusional bunch of crap put out by these pro-horse racing people.
    In Kentucky, they can literally beat a racehorse into the ground with zippo repercussions – compliments of the Kentucky Horse Racing Commission and Chief Steward Barbara Borden.
    All apologists, all abusers and/or enablers of the abuse.
    Systemic, widespread racehorse cruelty, abuse, inhumane treatment legitimized.
    Absolutely vile.
    So sorry for you KATYS MIRACLE – may your spirit wreck havoc on those who continue to beat racehorses.

  2. Say you get horse racing banned by this time next year, what provisions and plans do you have in mind for protecting the interests of the thousands of horses currently used for racing? Who will take them in and/or pay for their humane euthanization?

    This is not a rehtorical question. It is important that you and your followers address this issue NOW not later. Absent a solution to the above question, the success of your cause could ultimatly inflict more pain and suffering leading to early deaths of more horses than does the activity/sport of
    Horse Racing.
    These poor horses – between the Animal Welfare Industry and the Horse Racing Industry their future is bleak. Neither group seems to be concerned about the immediate future welfare of the thousands of horses CURRENTLY living and being used for racing.

    • I’ve already answered your ridiculous question before, but here goes again: Horseracing will not suddenly come to a close overnight. It will contract – or to be more precise, continue to contract: I have documented a net loss of 35 racetracks in the U.S. just since 2000. The Jockey Club’s annual “foal crop” – the number of baby Thoroughbreds being registered each year – is roughly half what it was in 1990. All other relevant metrics are also down – racedays, races, “field sizes,” etc. See, contraction.

      Now, as to your question of where those horses who are left will go, I turn it back on you – where, pray tell, do they go now? The vast majority – 15,000 or more annually – of “retired” racehorses are brutally and violently slaughtered at the end of their productivity. Yes, that’s right, this multi-billion dollar industry, littered with loads of obscenely wealthy people, is sending most of its erstwhile “family members” to the abattoirs to be shackled, slashed, bled-out, and butchered. So you see, Ms. Ruffu, your question is grossly misdirected.

    • I cannot believe, Gail Ruffu, that you are THAT ignorant to believe horse racing will be “banned” – every single track closed down – “by this time next year”! Are you serious?!? – or are you, as a racing apologist, merely throwing out that worn-out BS that animal exploiters always use? Vegans are asked the same thing about animals next-in-line to be killed for food! How utterly moronic your question is…”what is going to happen to the racehorses who are having their lives put on the line – death on the track or death in the slaughterhouse – if the industry that cripples, kills and sends them to slaughter is finally banned?” Can it be any worse than what is happening to them NOW?

      Apologists incriminate the very industry they defend when they ask that question – already admitting the unnecessary gambling business that racing IS will not protect the very horses they claim to love.

      Right NOW – AGAIN – there is a 3-year-old filly that has been RUINED and is being offered for a lousy $400/OBO for “broodmare only”…she’s THREE…and already so broken she’s only “good” for being a “baby factory”. Where are those safe places for her to be brought to, like Alex Waldrop claimed exist in his asinine response to the HBO piece “Raced to Death”? That’s such an utter LIE and everyone knows it.

      I often think I cannot abhor this industry more than what I already do – then the next day comes and the evidence of horse racing’s exploitation and abuse of its “athletes” provides more proof to despise it even more.

    • Gail, since your so concerned about where the racehorses will go I offer up the following:
      1. Contact Gary and Mary West who recently offered 20 million to Maximum Security’s Derby rivals. Here’s a copy of the article. https://www.si.com/horse-racing/2019/05/17/maximum-security-challenge-gary-west-kentucky-derby
      No, they didn’t offer it to racehorse aftercare since they are responsible for dumping horses themselves.
      In a country where not only more than half of people are working 2 jobs to put food on their table, their insensitive, arrogant offer is pathetic and clearly shows a couple who doesn’t give a damn about racehorses going to slaughter.
      That said, try to get about 10% of that 20 million which would go a long way to housing the racehorses that you are so concerned with.
      2. Contact Keeneland, OBS, Fasig-Tipton and demand that they make a mandatory 1% contribution to racehorse aftercare. According to the past 2 years statistics, collectively, they have made 5 BILLION dollars in profits – NOT million – but BILLIONS. Right now their contribution is optional not mandatory. They would hate for those multi-millionaires to cough up a cent towards the thoroughbreds that most dump when their deemed to be not Derby or stake material.
      3. Contact the HBPA who makes MILLIONS off the wagering in this country and gives little to nothing back to the thoroughbreds.
      Between these 3 there would be plenty of money go around to take care of the racehorses.
      Of course phasing out horse racing, and it will eventually end, will phase out and greatly reduce the breeding.
      Then, wow, there will be no more to worry about and that’s why this repulsive business needs to shut down.
      Finally, it’s incumbent upon the horse racing industry to take care of their profit slaves, we don’t exploit them – people like you do, and we know that they have never taken care of them or it’s so minimal that it’s not even worth mentioning.
      So like Patrick and Joy correctly stated what difference would it make?
      Not only does this vile industry dump them with no remorse, but they actually blame animal rights activists or anybody who opposes horse racing for the mess that they create.
      It’s time they clean up their own mess of unwanted racehorses so go ask them.
      Let me know how it goes.

  3. Could you please check on a horse at Delaware park race 6 on May 22 2019 Johnny Jump Up.

    • Tammy, ive followed this big beautiful dark bay boy for sometime now, it didnt look good, i hope the owner is willing to save this gelding with the 300,000 the horse made, as soon as i hear anything, i will reply back.

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