The Hidden Casualties

It is established fact that a significant number of just-off-the-track horses require euthanasia shortly after landing at a rescue. They do because their beaten-down bodies make a pain-free life all but impossible. Unfortunately, however, these horses are mostly out of my reach, dying in anonymity to all but their final caretakers. Still, every once in a while, I learn of one.

Catchumdenae (below) was a 6-year-old mare who was raced 36 times, the final six for Rodney Moyers. Her last race – in which she was “For Sale” at the bargain-basement price of $4,000 prior to – was March 2 at Mahoning. She finished second-to-last, some 22 lengths back (“stayed back throughout”). Shortly thereafter, she was simply given to someone who intended to retire her. Sweet relief appeared at hand. But, it wasn’t to be. Turns out, this poor animal had a slab fracture in her right knee and a broken splint bone in her left leg; she was euthanized Tuesday. Says the attending vet: “She must have had a lot of heart running with those injuries.”

The profoundly sad end for Catchumdenae is an all-too-common tale: The founder of two of the nation’s most respected Thoroughbred rescues estimates that 30% of those taken from the track must be euthanized almost immediately. 30%. These are the hidden casualties – the ones who don’t make my “Killed” lists. But make no mistake, Racing is wholly responsible for each and every one of them. And I’d love to see some lowlife apologist try to refute that.


  1. This turd, Rodney Moyers, sent a horse to the paddock to race, whereupon someone noticed the horse’s leg was bleeding. The grooms had wrapped his legs to race, and when the officials noted the bleeding leg, they unwrapped the legs and noted a gash on one leg requiring stitches!! He would have been willing to let that poor horse race with a big cut on his leg! He used to claim horses like he was buying candy at the corner store, raced many of them weekly, if not more often, and then those horses would disappear. Supposedly he is retired now, due to health reasons. Horses everywhere are rejoicing.

  2. The elite of racing, the Kentucky Derby, Preekness and Belmont, to name but a few of the prestigious races, are run on the backs of horses such as Catchumdenae. There are untold numbers of horses such as this mare held captive to extreme abuse by the many Rodney Moyers of this dispicable business.
    There is no press given to this side of the business. Not many understand that the elite side of racing could not exist but for the numerous tracks where the so called “claimers” are thoroughly overworked, forced to run sore and with fractures.
    This is criminal. The Bob Buffett’s of racing are as guilty as the Rodney Moyers. They are part and parcel of a corrupt gambling business guilty of extreme animal cruelty.

  3. Catchumdenae – so sorry for you.
    You tried so hard to make it out alive, but being trained and raced on broken limbs is not only egregious animal abuse, but perpetrated extreme suffering on you.
    Well, it didn’t take me too long to find out about Rodney Moyers.
    No, Rodney I don’t classify you as a “trainer.”
    Rather, I call you out for what you are: a racehorse abuser who should be charged and in jail.
    So I found multiple violations here:
    Most of these violations are clear evidence of long term cruelty, abuse and suffering deliberately perpetrated on racehorses, and like all of you racehorse abusers, you are NEVER held accountable by this vile business.
    You just keep getting slap on the wrists fines are given the keys to do some more damage.
    You are a low life blood sucking scum bag and, unfortunately, you are one of many in this business that attracts racehorse/animal abusers because they know damn well they will never be held accountable.
    This is horse racing and yes Patrick so many more die in anonymity.
    It’s heartbreaking, vile, and needs to end now.

  4. How could they have not known she had such an injury! Their owners sell them to anyone after they aren’t winning money, then they end up like Dr. Drip, starved and in horrible condition, how can a person do that to an animal, pure EVIL!

    • Great job Patrick call them out!!!!! More and more people are aware of animal abuse everyday just know you do make a difference with this site never stop. I see racing coming to an end unfortunately not soon enough. Awareness is the key lies and lies and coverups and abuse will all be exposed!

    • One of the biggest pieces of vital information that the horse racing industry deliberately hides is their doping/vet records IN BETWEEN and LEADING UP TO races.
      ESWT is also records that are not examined upon their bogus “investigations.”
      These records are, more or less, a road map that would reveal exactly what was going on with any particular racehorse at any particular time.
      This is when all the dope is given and the business hides these records.
      Then they claim that everything is okay in la-la land because their post-race doping results are clean!!
      Of course.
      It will be interesting to read the report that is currently being conducted by the California District Attorneys office for the first time supposedly “neutral” and looking into the records leading up to the breakdowns.
      I’m sure it will reveal many things that this industry had been hiding for a long time.
      Of course the racehorse CORONADO HEIGHTS is a clear example of the doping abuse that goes on in racehorses from the lowest levels to the highest levels and it’s outright animal abuse.

  5. Once again may all these total filth die a horrible death. I dispise humans.

  6. It should also be noted that Catchumdenae was thin and covered in rainrot when she left racing but, of course, Moyers loved her “just like family.” Whoever believes that nonsense is either delusional or incredibly stupid, perhaps a bit of both.

    Moyers previously owned Lady of Rivendell and he was described to me, by someone in the racing industry, as being a “butcher.” Although Catchumdenae was euthanized, at least she had a few weeks with good care and love and she ultimately avoided the slaughter truck.

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