Kill. Kill. Kill. At Least Three Dead in U.S. Races Yesterday

In the 4th at Thistledown yesterday afternoon, “SOROA settled near the inside, suffered a catastrophic injury in upper stretch, fell and was euthanized” (Equibase). Soroa was a 4-year-old filly under the whip for the 10th time.

Soroa suffers her “catastrophic injury” around 1:05 mark…

Later in the evening, in the 6th at Mountaineer, “LIL’L ALLSTAR took a bad step shortly after entering the turn losing the rider, was euthanized on the track.” Lil’l Allstar was a 6-year-old gelding under the whip for the 32nd time.

25 minutes later, at that same track, “LASER LYNN collapsed in upper stretch and was euthanized after the race.” Laser Lynn was a 3-year-old filly under the whip for the 22nd time.

Kill. Kill. Kill. Just one day, just the ones we know about (for now). This is horseracing.

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  1. Time to stop this disgusting sport! I lost favor in the sport way back in the day when Ruffian was killed during the 1975 match race against Foolish Pleasure.

    • Please – this is NOT a sport – this is a public butcher show.
      Calling it a sport legitimizes and masks the truth: racehorses are being killed and dying for this vile, unnecessary, antiquated business every single day.
      The victims of this killing show, the racehorses, are not autonomous, are voiceless, defenseless in the face of pure evil and the abuse that is perpetrated on them.
      A true sport involves autonomous people who make choices, who get their salary and don’t get sent to slaughter when they are done exploiting them.

    • I could never watch again after Ruffian. Surprised to see her mentioned. So sad.

    • Oh I remember that I was a little girl and I cried and cried

  2. This “sport” MUST STOP NOW!!!!This is terrible abuse and cruelty and the horses’ feelings are not even considered by those thirsty to make money!!!!STOP THIS HORRIBLE ABUSE!!!!

  3. I did notice that the jockey used his whip and Soroa responded and in that next step was when he collapsed. Sickening and the announcer sort of made a sound when Soroa went down but no mention of Soroa falling.

  4. And ALL Young babies.. should not be under saddle at 2/3 years old.. bones still developing.. GRRR

  5. Stop the use of whips with shock treatment, do not make the track to difficult and stop killing horses for money! what is allowed in the racing world is nothing short of atrociace! instead of selling young horses who not make the track as ridinghacks you kill them as well, i wont go to races cause i love horses and i gladly would shoot the buggers doing so much wrong and harm !

  6. Thankyou for faithfully documenting the horrendous treatment of these innocent beautiful and trusting beings. In just the short time since I discovered your posts, many have died brutally. I admit sometimes I can’t read everything, It’s so painful.. It has to stop..

  7. This is pure evil – enough of this please, it has to end!!!!!!!!!

  8. Carolyn the announcers get in trouble if they point out a problem. Usually they only say the horse lost the rider (blame the horse).

    • This cruelty sport needs to end. How many more need to die to satisfy mans greed

  9. This isn’t a sport, this is barbarism, and humans have a long history of paying to see it and calling it entertainment. The riskier the “sport” is, the more some people watch. Sick and sad.

  10. The gamblers will never allow horse racing to be shut down. They don’t give a dam about the horses well being

  11. Sickening …Humans are ANIMALS ..euthanized the humans responsible for this Barbaric crime called “HORSE RACING”…. STOP THE INSANITY !… I feel like every single human participating whether it be in the stands watching or the disgusting humans betting, the jockeys and the owners should be in prison for cruelty and crimes against ANIMALS ……. I’m gonna VOMIT

  12. I believe it’s time to ban horse racing just like it’s time to ban bull fighting in Spain.

  13. I value my pets. Know money could make me be mean to my pets . You are to love them,not use for a money deal. Shame on you

  14. Just like America – your neighbors to the North, Canada is fighting the same battle to get these hell holes shut down.
    Just like America the only thing keeping Woodbine and the tracks here open is tons of taxpayers/casino money because neither Woodbine or the other tracks are self-sufficient – never have been.
    Taxpayers here in Ontario are outraged that our current Premier Ford gave 100 million per year to horse racing, but it was to be expected as he is best pals with Woodbine, always has been, and was part of the back room deal cut with former Harris to give them 345 million per year if you can imagine that!
    No worries – he will be voted out and agreements can be overturned with a change of government.
    Nevertheless, there have been articles actually published in The Toronto Star calling out this government and the horse racing business for what it is: blood sucking leeches in my words.
    I’ve attached this link to the most recent article and please scroll down and answer the simple question:
    “Are race horses being put in danger?” YES or NO.
    The pro-horse racing people fueled by the Ontario HBPA are flooding the responses.
    The racehorses need our voice, please read the article and/or scroll down to submit your answer.
    Racehorses know no borders as they are shipped up here for slaughter.

    • Read the article and voted YES. Read Dr.Larry Bramlage’s response also and I don’t believe a word of it.

      • Thank-you Karen,
        Yes, it’s very telling to read a comment from a vet whose made millions repairing the broken bones of racehorses and then justifying the abuses going on in this industry.
        Dr. Bramlage started out being medically involved with the great Alydar who was later determined, in a court of law, to be killed for insurance money.
        Follow the money and there’s your answer.

  15. Many of these racehorses are so young (Kentucky Derby horses are less than two years old!) that their bones have not even finished developing. Why is anyone surprised at these catastrophic injuries when the animals are forced into a gait that they would normally use only for a short spurt to escape a predator? And don’t get me started on the inbreeding. STOP this disgusting sport now. So much cruelty.

  16. This is disgusting and horrible and cruel i hate horse racing any animal racing i dont like i think its very cruel they are made to do things that they dont wAnt to do . It heartbreaking and this sport aswell as other sports like this should of been stoped a long time ago.

  17. Yes put a stop to this, if they would do a artopsy. It’s possible the were injected with drugs to make them run faster.Ot’s just all about big winnings of 💰 money!!!

  18. This is a disgrace, what have we become as a human race, killing beautiful animals for big money. It is awful and I think it should be stopped. God does not give us these beautiful babies to kill and destroy.

  19. You are incorrect. Horses that run in the derby are not less than 2 years old they are 3 years old

    • Heres an example chris… vekoma foaled may 22nd 2016….derby is still the first saturday in may right? A racehorse would be put into training at 18-24 months old, thats basic industry standard for the most part.

    • Chris, I just picked Maximum Security to put into Equibase to check his foaling date – he was born May 14, 2016 – he was therefore still 2 years old when he ran in the Derby and in the 4 races he was in prior to it.

      Santa Anita was going to (and I imagine still has) have races for 2-year-olds in April – meaning there would be horses racing that were not yet even 24 months old.

      And truth is, 2,3,4,5…they are all too young – too young or mature, racing cripples, kills and discards them all.

    • Let’s be clear to Chris.
      This blog considers the actual foaling date as the birthday – NOT January – as your industry does.
      Of course it’s obvious that January is a way to mask just how young they are training and running racehorses.
      This is all done in order to fill races as young as possible and many other deleterious reasons.
      What they are doing to racehorses is equivalent to taking a 1.5 year old baby in diapers and forcing him to run the 500 meters in the Olympics.
      If the baby gets tired, as I’m sure it would, just beat it over its body to get it to run faster.
      That’s how horrific and uncivilized this vile industry is and it needs to shut down now.

  20. Is it being looked at for ROUND-UP being used on hay just before cutting to DRY IT FASTER SO IT CAN BE BALED SOONER? ? Hearing things. This would leech the CALCIUM from the bones! PLEASE LOOK INTO THIS? San Anita won’t return my calls.

  21. So this is how you disgusting excuses for humans treat something that has given his life and his all for you???? I hope karma comes after you with a vengeance. This should be considered cruelty and animal abuse!! Another reason I hate humans and I won’t watch racing anymore!! Disgusting!😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡

  22. This makes me SICK, not so much as one comment on these beautiful animals when they went down. They pain they’re in is horrific and for WHAT….so more money can be made at the expense of a life.

  23. This is not only disgusting, but VERY disturbing!! When the FIRST ONE was euthenized MAJOR RED FLAGS should have popped up all over that racetrack!
    Three in one day…NO WAY! AS young as these horses were, there is something very ” fishy ” about ALL 3 deaths!

  24. Crazy humans, abusive torturous sport which should be outlawed, you sinful bunch of sick murderers.

  25. Humans are cruel and greedy. STOP this torture. It is not a sport but just plain murder!

  26. I remember when I was about 11 my family and I went to a fair and they had a racetrack there and my mother took the whip away from the jockey after hitting the horse in the final stretch and beat the crap out of him the jockey not the horse w with the crop that he used during the race then we beat feet and got out of there from what I remember

  27. This is utterly outrageous. These are horses. But seeing some.conditions they run in is horrendous. The mud and rain. They are elite racers but not machines. There has to be limits at what they race in. But then again it’s money. And does man really care
    It seams not. Wake up people. Their lives are more important!!!

  28. Maybe it would stop if insurance companies refuse to cover these horses. That way the owners can’t get money for killing their horses. Once you stop insuring the horses, you stop racing. It’s as simple as that.

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