10-Year-Old “Breaks Down” at Monticello

The NYS Gaming Commission reports that Classiesistar N (below) “broke down” in the 7th race at Monticello Tuesday – “euthanasia administered.” Back in February, according to a Harness Link article, the 10-year-old Classiesistar N “took some bad steps and fell down” in a race at Yonkers. The article says that while he did walk back to the paddock on his own, he sustained “cuts to his knees and/or feet.” Perhaps that is relevant to Tuesday, perhaps not. No matter, though, either way he is dead.


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  1. So so sorry, Classiesistar N, you were raced to death. Had you been somebody’s baby you probably would have lived into your twenties. So unfair, so cruel.

  2. Bastards should STOP racing horses- period!!! Why don’t humans race to the death instead??? I would be ok with that!!! We can make a choice- horsed can’t!!!!

  3. The industry did not protect this poor horse at all. Just another expendable casualty to them. I’m sure his previous incident had a lot of bearing on his unfortunate and horrific demise. Shame on everyone that had any contact with this horse, from the racing office down to the driver. His blood and broken body are on their hands.

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