A Kill at Monticello

Twincreeks Jack, at Monticello May 1: “euthanized, following severe injury during 6th race” (NYS Gaming Commission). Twincreeks Jack was ten – while true that Standardbreds don’t break down as often as their Thoroughbred and Quarterhorse cousins, their period of servitude – and thus, suffering – is typically longer.

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  1. Poor horse, giving all he’s got with all that awful gear on him to restrain him from coming out of a trot, he’s being forced to run faster but naturally he would like to canter and then gallop to go faster. And this creep sits back putting his effort into striking this horse with a whip causing physical and psychological pain to this beautiful animal. SICK!

  2. Please stop this blood sport. These beautiful animals suffer so bad for people to gamble and some get rich and then as soon as the horse is injured it is killed. So horrible.

  3. He was probably being given Lasix to cover meds the vets gave him or what was given by his trainer. Lasix is making them go faster than ever, and breaking down faster than ever.

  4. For the love of God, SHUT DOWN this deplorable, cruel, unconscionable industry — no matter the KIND of race, these innocent, vulnerable, sensitive animals lead a grueling life — SHUT DOWN ALL HORSE RACES — transfer Horses to Sanctuaries throughout the world where they can lead, happy, healthy, normal lives.

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