“Catastrophic Injury,” Dead at Parx

The 9th at Parx this afternoon, as relayed by Equibase: “TIGHTEN UP sprinted away to a long lead, was well in front when he suffered a catastrophic injury to his left front leg just after passing the quarter pole, was eased and subsequently euthanized.” Tighten Up was five; ’twas his 26th time under the whip.

This is horseracing.


  1. Of course it was catastrophic they all are – again we are dealing with another race track that does not care about the abuse that takes place with these poor horses. This is not a normal thing to have happen to a horse – this is lack of training and lack of caring of the animal. Another sad sad day and another horrible loss of these beautiful horses. Shame on all of you owners and so called trainers.

  2. TIGHTEN UP – so sorry for you.
    It seems possible that you were over medicated and/or given ESWT treatments to make you run beyond your natural ability which accounted for your huge lead and subsequent catastrophic breakdown.
    Again, as I’ve repeated so many times before, the SECRET doping/vet/treatment records in between a race and leading up to a race protect these racehorse abusers and killers.
    The results of a report, conducted and released today by industry-funded ARCI, claims that there is a “dramatic drop” in doping and that “little support for claims that the use of drugs to mask pain when horses race is rampant.”
    This conclusion is based solely on post-race doping results, and it’s a SHAM in my opinion and here’s why.
    Vets are given the doping “withdrawal guidelines” and know them to a tee so by not considering such key factors as “out of competition” testing, and the doping/vet records leading up to the breakdowns leaves this report with little to no merit.
    Nor does it even acknowledge and/or consider the rampant use of ESWT, which is a key component to these racehorses breaking down it seems.
    So a racehorse can be doped/ESWT between races, which is what often happens to mask chronic issues and keep them going, with no transparency, repercussions, and a report like this to mask the truth behind it all.
    This report is similar to ordering a salad with no lettuce.
    The more this industry and its supporting entities deny the obvious the more racehorses will die.

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