For $2 Bets – Last Week on U.S. Tracks

Last week in U.S. Horseracing (not including training, not including harness).

Del Mar Diva “vanned off” at Turf
Cured by Kitten “vanned off” at Keeneland
Alycar Flash “pulled up bleeding from the nostrils, vanned off” at Mahoning
Classic Brew “pulled up bleeding from the nostrils” at Mahoning
Bos Dream “vanned off” at Los Alamitos
Tommie Trucker “vanned off” at Oaklawn
The Magic Hero “bled” at Sunland
J Dub “returned bleeding from nostrils” at Belterra
Rooftop View “fell, DNF” at Charlotte
Handsome Hoyt “fell, DNF” at Charlotte
Giza “fell, DNF” at Charlotte
Twin Farms “vanned off” at Churchill
Heartrulinghead “vanned off” at Gulfstream
Zeppelin Ride “fell, DNF” at Foxfield
Renegade River “fell, DNF” at Foxfield
Our Town “fell, DNF” at Glyndon
Puppy Manners “returned sore” at Parx
Ok Now “came back bleeding from the nose” at Penn
Ugottahaveheart “pulled up lame, vanned off” at Penn
Albertville “bled” at Belmont
Dunny Bug “reluctantly vanned off” at Belterra
Ice Box Raider “vanned off” at Fonner
High Candy “vanned off” at Gulfstream
Lexi’s Golden Song “fell to her face, DNF” at Lone Star
Fierce Hawk “vanned” at Sun
Dad’s a Gambler “bled” at Sunland
Blazin Shooter “bled” at Sunland
Caramelo P “vanned off” at Turf
Point to Point “vanned off” at Turf

“broke down,” “euthanized” – speak for themselves
“vanned off” – many if not most will resurface on my year-end FOIA killed-reports
“bled,” “returned bleeding from nostrils” – typically indicates pulmonary hemorrhage

(source: Equibase)


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  1. Yet another horrific list of mangled and dead living beings, the racehorses, through no choice of their own.
    Forced into servitude, subjected to blatant cruel and inhumane practices with no repercussions to those who intentionally perpetrate harm on them.
    CLASSIC BREW. Bred and raced by, yours truly, Frank Stronach’s racing stable: Adena Springs.
    Like hundreds of other racehorses that he’s owned and bred they are all disposable unless they make millions and are of value to him in the breeding shed for the most part.
    He gets dumped, changes hands, and ends up running for his life on the rotten and brutal Mahoning death ring.
    His broodmare, GINGER BREW, is churning out foal after foal for Frank Stronach’s never ending quench to fill stake races and/or his ego because she was “worthy” of the breeding shed of great value to him.
    CLASSIC BREW – “royally-bred” from a billionaire business man, racetrack owner, wagering business owner, born into opulence, raised on lushy green paddocks – dumped, mangled, maimed, running for his life and a flake of hay in bottom claimers, running until they squeeze the last drop of blood pouring out of his nostrils/mouth.
    What’s so laughable, yet sad, is that Frank Stronach continues to claim that he “loves” racehorses that he “cares deeply” about racehorses – the demented, twisted mind of a racehorse hoarder and apologist like all of them.
    It’s a horrific and sad ending for most because this is horse racing.
    Don’t believe their lies, their delusions, I’ve worked with these people for years and they all have a piece of their heart and logic missing.

    • The picture of the tongue tie/ ring bit and the poor horses eyes says it all! He is saying please get me out of here.Were so glad that our local track is going to be developed out and shut down. We have seen entirely too much abuse and deaths of horses there. At our local track at least some of the abuse will be ending.Economics is what`s going to shut this industry down, fewer people are wagering. Most young people we talk with do not care for the whipping of horses while they are racing. When they find out about permitted med.s that we tell them of they really dislike racing.

  2. The ongoing horrific abuse, and inhumane treatment of 10 year old TOBIAS.
    Bred by Janis R. Whitham, started off like they all do, then dumped, changes hands multiple times, last by a combined 500+ lengths over the course of his “career” that the apologists would like you to think that he “loves” so much – just “loves” to run.
    What planet are these people on?
    Every single time TOBIAS is run and abused he generates wagering profits for people who have absolutely nothing to do with him and don’t give a damn when he probably ends up on a slaughterhouse floor.
    There’s one thing I learned, the hard way, about this vile business – there are no moral bottoms for these vile people – none.

    • Gina- I was thinking of previous derby horses, as it’s coming up this weekend. I’ve noticed you’re great at following horses and tracking their whereabouts. You wouldn’t happen to have a list of, like say the last 5 years of derby horses, and where they are now, or what happened to them? We know justify retired due to injury, and I know patch ran this last weekend. 5 years ago would make the oldest group 8 years old now, not old in horse years, and I wonder how many are still active? Or dead, or retired due to injury? I thought of you since you seem to keep great records.

      • Hi Peggy, thanks for your great comments.
        No, I don’t keep records on the Derby horses.
        I did look over the Derby fields since 2015 and many are sent to the breeding shed as a Stallion.
        If their foals don’t perform on the track than the interest quickly wanes and they are usually sent to another country or state.
        Some disappear after that with nobody claiming to know their whereabouts.
        Some racehorses die on the track because they continue running them after the Derby especially if they are a gelding.
        Some of them end up running in claiming races.
        Although I don’t have the exact numbers it seems likely that most end up unwanted if they are a gelding or if their stallion “career” is less than stellar.
        Of course some get the worse form of abuse like BATTLE OF MIDWAY who made millions, his fertility was compromised (probably due to whatever they were shoving into him), and the heartless bastards put him back into training fully aware that he had, most likely, chronic issues where he shattered his bones and was killed.
        I demanded an investigation leading up to his death including full disclosure of doping/vet records and confirmation as to whether there was an equine insurance policy in place.
        I hope this helps.

  3. That is a big list of bleeders this week. And I’m sure every single one of them was on the amazing, anti-bleeding wonder drug, lasix, and have most likely run on lasix their whole careers. Sure helped, huh? And in 2 weeks, if not sooner, even though they were drowning in their own blood, many, if not all, will be entered to run again, potentially with a stronger dose of lasix next go round. Pathetic.

    • Hi Gina- yes, I knew all that, i was just hoping you maybe have kept tabs on them somehow. I know Uncle Sigh is toiling in lower claiming ranks now, if I recall correctly. I had just wondered, how many die or are crippled after their bid for the TC, seeings how it is a grueling test and the majority are started as 2yos. One of these days, I may start this as a project out of curiosity. Quite a few years ago, I was looking at getting another OTTB for myself, and had found a beautiful horse at a friends barn. I offered to buy him, but the owner refused to sell him, as he wanted to conitnue to race him. When I finally had a chance to look him up, I was floored to learn that he had been in one of the TC races. And was at that time toiling in the lowest of claiming ranks at a crap track that is no longer open. Someone finally had mercy on him and claimed him to retire. I wish I could even remember his name, but I don’t anymore. Just kind of a sad testament to how quickly the notoriety of a TC horse can fade in obscurity and forgotten.

  4. Peggy – so true about your Lasix comment – right on.
    Fred and Joan – so true, it will be the “economic” aspect that will play a huge part in the shut down of this business, not the moral aspect because anybody who does this to a racehorse can’t possibly possess any kind of moral consciousness.
    The ongoing horrific, and brutal abuse of 11 year old ROTOR.
    Please anybody can we get this horse out of his misery?
    It beggars belief what these people do to these racehorses, and it’s not just the people that actually commit these abusive acts, but an entire system of supporters that watch this go on.
    ROTOR – the PP’s reveal a horrific road map of cruelty, abuse, and inhumane treatment.
    Can we somehow get ROTOR to a safe home or soft landing – anybody please?

    • Gina…poor Rotor…he’s in that special hell, Camarero racetrack in Puerto Rico. Looking at the PP’s of racehorses there is gut-wrenching. It’s literal HELL – but that doesn’t stop mainland racing owners/trainers from sending their horses there.

      • Yes Joy – all the owners who proclaim that they “love” and “care for their family members” deliberately and knowingly send them into a life of literal hell that can only end in misery and death.
        Furthermore, most owners today keep a stable watch of their horses so most know damn well what’s going on with their racehorses and watch them in their living hell every single day.
        Hardly people who “love them like family members” – laughable, yet sad for the horses.

  5. I am new to the realities of the horror show of horseracing. Someone please tell me why horses are given Lasix? Thankyou.

    • Hi Karen- in humans, lasix reduces blood pressures and the workload of the heart by excreting extra fluid from the body. Some people commonly call it a “water pill”, as it makes humans urinate the excess fluid out. In racehorses, vets have sold it as a wonder drug to reduce EIPH, or exercise induced pulmonary hemorrhage. Which literally means bleeding in the lungs due to exercise. As shown by the list above, it doesn’t work so well. Horses may still bleed in the lungs without the outward signs of blood trickling or pouring from the nostrils. The current debate about lasix is that it is actually a performance enhancing drug, because the horse may lose a bunch of excess water weight, thus making it lighter, or that it masks other performance enhancing drugs by excreting them before they can be detected in a post race test. I’ve also heard that It can help to thin the blood a little after the horse receives EPO, part of the recent blood doping debate, so as to not make the blood too thick and so that it’s more difficult to detect if the horse is being treated with EPO.
      When I had horses racing, they were automatically on this drug. It did nothing good for my horses, and just cost me money for nothing. But in the long run, I have to wonder if it will ultimately affect their kidney and heart function, as both can take hits from diuretic use and abuse. I hope this helped a little.

      • Thank you very much Peggy for explanation about Lasix. Just as I thought, it’s less about the health of the horse and more about the manipulation of them for the gain of the humans. Appreciate your response.

    • One of the most reputable peer-reviewed neutral vet study conducted on Lasix (1999) concluded that it was a Performance Enhancing Drug (PED) and that’s the main reason why they use it – to win at any cost.
      Their tiresome, ad naseum, argument that they “care” for the racehorse so much that they want to give them this drug, Lasix, to prevent them from bleeding is just another deception mechanism for the public it seems.

      This study concluded that racehorses who raced without Lasix, before it’s widespread use, were not dying at such high rates.
      Members of this industry know all about these facts, that Lasix actually harms racehorses, but still fight hard to keep administering it – hardly the “loving” and “caring” racehorse people that they claim to be.
      This industry continues to indict themselves every single day and the racehorses pay the price every day.

      • Thanks for the study link Gina. That`s one of the best studies documenting the use of Lasix we have read. It has ample sample size and is constructed well.

  6. Just read your response on Lasix as well Gina . Thank you. The more I learn about horseracing, the more disgusted and saddened I am. The more people who learn the truth the better..

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