Horse Forced to Walk Off the Course With a Broken Neck at Camden Steeplechase

This, from the Stewards’ Report for the Carolina Cup Steeplechase in Camden, South Carolina, March 30: “SPECIAL SKILLS fell at the 6th fence, he appeared to switch leads approaching the fence get in to close and hook the top of the fence and take a rotational fall…he was diagnosed with a broken neck and euthanized.”

Okay – broken neck, dead. But then this, in the “Official Comments” section:

“There was a serious breakdown in the veterinary protocol as [the track vet] did not have sufficient help and he could not be everywhere that he needed to be at the same time. There needs to be at least two veterinarians on course and at least one back at the barn at all times. The stewards were often unable to communicate with the official veterinarian when the [sic] wanted him to examine a horse postrace.

At this meet both SIM CARD (who was visibly lame) and SPECIAL SKILLS (who had been down for a considerable period of time after falling) were walked back to the barn instead of using the horse ambulance that was parked besides them.”

Yes, that’s right, because of either unconscionable incompetence or base callousness, the 9-year-old Special Skills was forced to walk off the course – with a broken neck. Imagine that. No word on the “visibly lame,” but also made to walk off, Sim Card.

Was it worth it?


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  1. Horrific massive pain, suffering and dying while the little girlies stand smiling in their fancy hats either oblivious to what they are supporting or willfully ignorant.
    Nevertheless, I can’t imagine the suffering that SPECIAL SKILLS was forced to endure because of a bunch of callous, heartless, blood sucking slime balls.
    It’s not only the vile physical harm, but what’s equally disturbing is that these people will get no repercussions, no animal cruelty charges, total secrecy, protection and lack of transparency from this business and people in it.
    Please folks, we must stand together in the face of debauchery, arrogance, money/power and deliberate wastefulness of racehorse lives, and precious resources.

    • I agree with you 100% – I am heartbroken by the way our equine are treated…tired of reading all the horror stories about the racetracks including Santa Anita in California. Also about the horse meat industry….Horses are beautiful and loving creatures…I am so sick.

  2. Heartbreaking; I just don’t understand how this is allowed to happen. These beautiful creatures used for profit and entertainment …. but I can’t see how to put an end to it. Too much money involved. The least that should be done is to put proper and effective laws and appropriate punishments in place ….. If only the whole thing could be banned.

  3. Again, stupidity on the part of caretakers as well as spectators. Not acceptable! That horse was doing what was expected and lost its life in the process. Sad, so sad!

  4. Humans always use animals to make money – it’s greed. I personally adore animals and they bring such joy to my life. These cruel people must learn to respect these dear horses and be honoured to be in their presence.

  5. To All The Disgusting And Callous People Who Torture Innocent Horses.
    I wish For You And Your Families The Same Pain, Torture And Suffering.
    Horse Racing = Greed, Arrogance, Pain, Suffering, Torture,

  6. Makes me so angry and so unbelievably sad that this continues day after day. Not only is ‘regular’ horse racing dangerous, but the horses are abused, training starts to young, all in all a disgusting ‘sport’. As far as Steeplechasing is concerned…it’s horrific to say the least. Stop, stop, stop betting on horses….please. Wonder what would happen if a jockey was killed every time we lost one of the horses

  7. These people are sick,sick,sick individuals!!! They knw exactly what is goin on. NO ignorance only stupidity at its highest leval!!! Its all greed and glory for these sick sorry excuses for human being!! They ALL SHOULD BE DRAGED AROUND THE TRACK BY THERE NECKS!! wish I could be the one doin it.

  8. It is astonishing to me how awful people can be. A broken neck?! Gawd. Sometimes I really hate people.

  9. All money making business treating life like robots. I’m ashamed most of the time to be apart of the human race…;o(

  10. I hope the monsters who are inflicting this unspeakable cruelty on horses will also be made to suffer in the worst possible way through karmic retribution.

  11. This makes me sick to know that there are humans who have no feelings for these poor horses who is helping to make them money. Ban all Horseracing for this is cruel to the horses who are made to race when they are not well and in pain. Make the owners accountable for the suffering they are making these poor beautiful horses endure. Shame on humans who do this to their animals.

  12. The people should run the course, not horses.It is not at all entertaining to hold ones breath to see if the horse will make it over the large jump. We cannot ask that and also of the race track horses to do what is unnatural to them. People, literally get off your high horse and do not race, jump etc any horse. They are fragile.They hurt, but you just want to be in the lime lite.

  13. Steeplechase has always had horrible tragic outcomes, another sport that everyone should put an end to. God Bless all the horses hurt or killed in this ridiculous, ignorant and cruel sport.

  14. I have NEVER believed in using animals in any game/race/circus/carnival, etc. This situation was without ANY COMPASSION for the suffering of this creature!!!

  15. This makes a strong case for banning the horseracing industry altogether. Anyone engaged in “animal husbandry” of any kind must have a genuine love for animals, not a love of exploiting them.

  16. The humans who support this evil to animals are just as guilty as the industry. STOP going to races and STOP betting.

  17. Such negligence is totally disgusting. Such insensitivity cannot be tolerated. I personally am furious in regards to horse racing, I feel all race must be ban. The big races are purely for the adrenaline rushes of the betters, with no concern for the miserable lives that most of those horses live. They are simply money making machines, and not treated as the intelligent, fragile, majestic beings that they truly are. Ban horse racing all together, and let horses live more natural lives.

    • You are correct. The masses are not sufficiently aware. Too many are asleep. They’ must wake up! I’m committed to being a consistent, excruciatingly Loud, HORSE RACING KILLS Alarm Clock!

  18. I’m very disappointed to see Black people in the pathetic picture. I thought that, because Blacks were once exploited themselves and treated no better than animals, they’d have more compassion and sympathy for our 4-legged friends. Horse Racing is wrong and needs to end. It should be roundly condemned by all decent people of good conscience. The people in the picture had a fun day while the horse broke its neck. Just a little extra excitement, as far as they were concerned. Bless their little hearts. And may someone do unto them what they do unto horses like SIM CARD and SPECIAL SKILLS.

    • Black people are vastly under-represented in animal rights/animal advocacy issues. I have been involved in this area for the last 40 years, and with the exception of one or two very kind black people who were vegetarian and kind to animals, very very few of them actively go out to protest or have been involved in any of the many groups I belong to. They do not help other human rights groups either. They seem to be involved only with their own racial groups, not understanding that the more one networks with other groups to address all wrongs, the more other groups will help theirs as well and WE ALL benefit.

  19. These horses are not yet built to run drugged up so their nostrils bleed … they need to be older .. isn’t that about 37 horses, DEAD HORSES, this last month.. kid you want to get rid of them give them to me.. he’ll ill just love 💕 em to death.. stupid damn people!

  20. This callous, blood-sport, spectacle serves no practical or excusable purpose on earth other than to raise money at the risk of innocent lives. This is no different than in the coliseum of ancient Rome with captive gladiators or the bullrings of Spain today. It is shameful and criminal in the eyes of any humane conscience. STOP IT!

  21. The brutal pastime called “horse racing” became part of America’s landscape before journalists and investigative reporters uncovered the criminal drugging, overtraining, and abuse of these beautiful animals as standard operating procedure throughout the industry. Now in the 21st Century horse racing has become as big a problem as gun violence to humans, meaning, that we see violence, carnage and death REPEATEDLY….and do absolutely nothing about it! If you go to the races or bet on them, you’re as big a part of the problem as the owners, trainers, jockeys and veterinarians who enable this horrific abuse. Human beings do not need horse racing and neither do the horses who pay for it with their lives.

  22. LOOK AT THE PICTURE ABOVE – People pay AND get “dressed-up” to go watch animal abuse in the making. “THEY” call that ENTERTAINMENT. “THEY” pay AND get “dressed-up” to watch exhausted AND abused horses falling down on those bloody tracks in order to fatten-up the GREEDY owners’ bank accounts. SHAME ON YOU ALL.

    INTELLIGENT people at large: LET’S BOYCOTT and let’s watch those ABUSIVE “BUSINESSES” GO UNDER 😀😃😄🙂  

  23. This proves like so many times over that it is all about he money and not the poor animals and what they have to endure. This is animals abuse, make no mistake about it. It needs to be stopped and people need to boycott this practice to support these animals.

  24. Sad situation. Horse racing is for the greedy. And you stupid bitches in your stupid hats smiling for the camera….choke on those hats!!!! God bless all the horses now in heaven due this heartless cruel sport. 😔

  25. I can’t say it any better than Gina Powell. I’m so sick of greedy uncaring people doing awful things and watching and partying while these wonderful creatures suffer unimaginable pain without any appropriate care taken to ease their suffering. Horse racing should be completly banned!

  26. Shallow people with fancy hats on empty heads posing for the camera while the horses suffer and die.
    Shame on those who support an industry built and maintained on deception, suffering and death.

  27. The history of mankind is carried on the back of the horse — All horses deserve to be respected and protected no matter what a man says they’re worth — THINK ABOUT THIS: doomed Thoroughbreds who are racing’s collateral damage — & that’s before you include the 750 who die on track per year, average of 2 fatal injuries per day — The typical Race Horse is kept tightly confined in a stall for over 23 hours a day is drugged, whipped, bought, sold, traded & dumped like a disposable product — Horse-Racing is a relic of an UNENLIGHTENED past & ITS TIME HAS COME — END this national tragedy — Learn the truth at HORSE-RACING-WRONGS — For some reason, though, media WON’T talk about this HUGE pile up of DEAD HORSES — They’re too busy covering the FUN & INVESTMENT side of racing, like partnerships, tax deductions, etc. — DEPRAVEDLY DESPICABLE industry.

  28. Just more of the immense volume of reasons why this horrific torture sport needs to end NOW.
    The complete disregard for these horses just keeps getting worse.

  29. I am utterly disgusted at the cruel and barbaric practices happening in horse racing. Everyone around the world is aware of what you people are doing to these beautiful animals. You have been uncovered as the torturous, money hungry exploiting individuals who do not give a damn about the animals in your care…SHAME ON YOU! How can you continue to profit from such a callous and inhumane sport where horses are forced to race with injuries , are killed when they are no longer any use or profit and therefore sent to the slaughter house or made to live with their injuries until they fall down dead.

    My god, this is sickening and I am glad you have been revealed to the world as the animal abusers you are!

    Julie Deacon.

  30. Disgusting and sickening! So glad you’re all are smiling in the picture. You should be real proud that you partake in this ugly sport that abuses animals. It’s a reprehensible form of entertainment. All horse racing should be banned and everyone involved in abusing these innocent animals including their owners should be heavily punished. Truly despicable. Go play a slot machine and stop gambling with a living soul.

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