“Catastrophic Injury,” Euthanized at Mahoning; “Stopped Breathing on Track,” Dead at Tioga

Southwick’s run in the 8th at Mahoning yesterday, as relayed by the Equibase writer: “SOUTHWICK…suffered a catastrophic injury and was euthanized.” Southwick was three years old; his entire “career” – all under trainer/owner Brooken Brinsfield:

Dec 19, last of 9, 36 lengths back
Jan 9, last of 8, 47 lengths back
Mar 25, 7th of 9, 25.5 lengths back
Apr 17, dead

Made. Abused. Killed. Sleep well last night, Mr. Brinsfield?

This from the NYS Gaming Commission, April 11, Tioga Downs: “Atomic Sealster fell over after completing a training mile, subsequently stopped breathing on track.”

This is horseracing. Every day.


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  1. How can anybody support this vile brutality and killing of a living being?
    Horse racing is no different than the bull fighting ring in Spain or the dog fighting rings only the victim is different, but in the end it’s all the same – domination, maiming, enslavement of a defenseless animal for money because it certainly isn’t “entertainment” or “sport” unless your a demented, sadomasochistic, imbecile.

  2. Southwick kept running even after the announcer said he was in trouble and being pulled up. Just like they are trained to do…reach that finish line

  3. Filthy, money whores!! All across the board, from the $2:00 broke ass gamblers, to millionaires and celebrities like Bobby Flay. These horses are bred to die!!

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