Mama’s Hope Killed at Mahoning

Equibase’s cold, curt description of the end for Mama’s Hope, 7th race at Mahoning yesterday: “MAMA’S HOPE was bumped at the start, injured past mid turn then euthanized.” Mama’s Hope: made – March 15, 2014; killed – April 15, 2019.

This is horseracing.


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  1. The announcer didn’t even mention this poor mare going wrong, In fact, as he continued to call the race he started laughing because he was having difficulty saying another horse’s name.

  2. Blatant, legitimized animal cruelty abuse, maiming, dumping and killing.
    Felony animal cruelty charges in any other setting – hands down.
    Widespread acceptance of racehorses snapping their legs-off and dropping dead for $2 bets.
    America – how much longer are we going to permit this to go on?
    MAMA’S HOPE – so sorry for you.

  3. Laws are only as good as how they are enforced. Racing is a”lawless” enterprise since animal cruelty laws are ignored and never enforced.

    Further, there are laws concerning the slaughteri of livestock as well as slaughter house inspections, yet , thousands upon thousands of horses are sent to slaughter in Mexico and Canada year after year.

    Therefore, the horse has zero protection under the animal cruelty laws in life and in death.
    How outrageous is that ?!!

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