La Manche Is 13th Dead Racehorse at Belmont This Year; Cashel Rock Killed at Hawthorne

Yesterday at Belmont, according to the NYS Gaming Commission, La Manche “suffered a fracture to his right front breezing and was euthanized.” Dead, at four. He is the 13th racehorse to die at Belmont Park since January 8 and the 5th training kill there in less than three weeks. So you see, America, it’s not just Santa Anita.

I can also confirm that Cashel Rock is dead after being “vanned off” in the 7th at Hawthorne last evening. Cashel Rock was six; this was his 42nd time under the whip.


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  1. There are NO words — ANOTHER BRUTAL DAY at THE RACES — How heartbreaking to abuse, exploit horses in this depravedly cruel way — these majestic, innocent, vulnerable animals belong with loving & caring people — SHUT DOWN these DEPRAVEDLY torturous and UNCONSCIONABLE venues FOREVER.

  2. VILE.
    LA MANCHE & CASHEL ROCK I will continue to be a voice for you even in your grave.
    Racehorses on tracks all over America are crying out through their snapped-off legs, broken bones, torn ligaments/tendons while their spirits and natural beings are completely deprived for $2 bets.
    You apologists, every single one of you because I know you read this blog, hang your head in shame.
    There are no excuses to support, participate, and/or defend this public butcher show and death ring.
    The only true friends of the racehorses are those who advocate for the shut down of this vile business.

  3. Beautiful tormented horses, used, abused and dead in the mud under a tarp for the entertainment of stupid humans! Just disgusting how unethical and corrupt the horseracing industry is!!

  4. These people have all the money to buy these horses, but then when they get hurt they rather kill the horses than spend the money to fix them !!! No horse should be racing at 2 years old! At least let them mature!!! This needs attention now .

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