Keeneland Kill “Mars” an “Otherwise Spectacular Day”

Cathedral Reader is dead after breaking down – “pretty severe[ly],” says vet – in the 8th race at Keeneland today. She was not quite four years old. While sad, the real tragedy, it seems, was gaiety interrupted. Pity, for example, Marty McGee of the Daily Racing Form, who tweeted: “Cal-bred Spiced Perfection out-games Amy’s Challenge to win the Madison [at Keeneland]. Well back to Late Night Pow Wow in 3rd. 5-4-6-8-9. Race marred by the breakdown of Cathedral Reader near the eighth pole.”

“Race marred.”

Or Keeneland president Bill Thomason, who lamented: “On what was an otherwise spectacular day, our celebration is tempered due to the catastrophic injury sustained by Cathedral Reader during the running of the Madison.”

“An otherwise spectacular day”; “our celebration is tempered.”

Vile. Horseracing.


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  1. VILE.
    Horse racing has no place in the 21st century.
    Our younger generation will not support and/or sustain these racehorse killings.
    Kentucky deliberately didn’t disclose their racehorse deaths upon Patrick’s FOIA request for last year, but we do know that it’s bad – really bad maybe even worse than California.
    This is a blatant illegal move by Keeneland that is not only unconstitutional, but shows how these killers deliberately hide their dead.
    Kentucky doesn’t have any whipping/beating laws so a jockey can literally beat a horse into the dirt with zippo repercussions and with no regulations in place.
    Kentucky, in the past 5 years, had come in last or near last on all animal groups assessment of animal laws.
    In other words, they don’t have any animal protection laws and the ones they have are so bad that they are consistently last out of 50 states.
    Now, this is all going on while they proclaim to be the “racehorse capital of the world.”
    A total distortion and fabrication of the facts.
    Kentucky is running a modern day slavery ring and will do whatever it takes to maim and kill racehorses with no accountability to Americans who love their animals.
    Cathedral Reader so sorry for you, but we will not let you die in vain.
    We will continue to be a voice for all of you as you lay writhing in the dirt from snapped-off limbs.
    Shut this horror show down now.

    • And the Keeneland airport is plastered with horse murals. Mares with foals at their sides are depicted in bucolic settings, horses running wild and free, and thoroughbreds standing proud and tall. What a sham !!!

      And,yes, Kentucky is at the bottom of the barrel when it comes to animal cruelty laws. Is that by design ? Could it be that having decent anti cruelty laws would impinge on the huge profits of the horse business?

      Reminds me of why “cattlemen” are against banning horse slaughter. Not only do they want all wild horses off public lands so cattle can graze the lands exclusively, but they feel a
      ban on horse slaughter may threaten their meat industry- kinda like “the camel’s nose under the tent” analogy.

  2. The barbaric steeplechase over the weekend. Grand National
    3 horses dead. Up for Review on first fence yesterday. He was thrashing on the. Ground until the screen went up. How can someone subject their horse to 4 miles and those fences

  3. You think one kill makes this a spectacular day are you god damn serious. A spectacular day would be seeing all of these race tracks with big closed signs on the entrances. You people just don’t get it do you – it is NEVER about the animals, only about the money. You are all a sick bunch of bastards,
    There is far too much cruelty put on these poor animals for your blazing status quo within the racing industry. All of these tracks need to be shut down permanently and you assholes need to all disappear – similar to the ways you have death total disappear.
    What a sad day for Cathedral Reader and probably for a few more that passed away or were put down over night in their stalls. You are a sadistic bunch of losers – it will continue to be our goal to see all of this end with as much publicity as possible about these “horror shows” that you call horse racing!!!

  4. Of course, one of racing’s mouthpieces reported Cathedral Reader “took a bad step” – to which an eye witness commented in response; “Took a bad step? No, her right front cannon bone snapped. Only the tendon and skin held the ankle and hoof on, and they were turned 180 degrees. I was outside past the clubhouse lawn, at [the] beginning [of] the stretch and it happened right in front of me.”

    The filly’s ankle held on by tendon and skin – and they loaded and vanned her off to euthanize her.

    Yet they love them like their children. Sure they do.

  5. That is sad but breaking a leg and having to be put down is one thing but for horses to just die on the same day is ironic. Those horse ship every where and if one is infected can infect others with a virus of any sort.

  6. It’s too bad they always choose to euthanize the horses. I have one that previously had a fractured leg and it healed and 10 years later he is the most healthy and beautiful horse. I know of several with similar histories. Do they collect insurance if they euthanize? Why can’t they send the horses back to the breeding farm where they came from to be taken care of? Or make them pay, since they profited from the creation of the horses…

  7. For the survivors,, maybe set up a system like child support for race horses and go after the breeders aka “deadbeat” parents” who are creating too many horses for racing…

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