Tiz Mattie Takes Proverbial “Bad Step,” Dead at Mahoning

Tiz Mattie’s Equibase “result” in the 7th at Mahoning yesterday afternoon: “TIZ MATTIE was jammed at the break as the rider was out of his irons, trying to pull up took a bad step near the seven sixteenths pole and fell being euthanized after the race.” Ah yes, the proverbial “bad step.” Tiz Mattie was three; this was her 16th time under the whip. She was also “For Sale” at $5,000 prior to dying.

This is horseracing.


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  1. Jesus H Christ another “bad step” on a god damn 3 year old that has had how many races before what in the hell is the matter with you stupid f*ckers?????? This horse should never have even been “started” yet never mind be out on the race track for that many races. You are all animal killers and have no clue what you are doing to these poor horses. A god damn jockey with his feet out of the irons – oh come on tell us another good one and then you call this a “bad step”!!! May God strike you dead at any given time you useless pieces of shit.

    • Well said! I couldn’t agree more! Do these digusting ppl think they actually have a right to continue to treat horses such that OVER and OVER and OVER they ALWAYS end up dead–killed? It NEEDS TO STOP cuz these people are sick! And stupid!

  2. This is not a “bad step”. This is a bad jockey, owner and as I call it, a murderer. When will this madness end? When the human race is extinct and animals once again take over the earth. This is why I love animals more than most people. Stop the madness…Ban all horse racing 🐎…dog racing 🐕…racing of any animals. Let them run free when they want to and let them graze their lives away. That’s the way God meant it to be…people r not superior…especially Jockeys who r tiny little men w/a Napoleon complex that makes them think they can whip horses into submission and/or to make them run faster than the horse knows is safe. Anyone who owns or just likes to ride horses know that the horse is in charge. We r there to keep them safe and happy, fed and sheltered. That’s it…no FORCING them to do what they do not want to do. I have ridden MANY thoroughbreds…they do like to run…but at their own pace and when THEY WANT TO…Not because they r forced to by whip and bit. Please help to ban all animal cruelty and racing.

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