Mr. Marvin “Pulled Up…Euthanized” at Charles Town

Mr. Marvin in the 2nd at Charles Town last night: “MR. MARVIN chased the pace in the three path, showed no response to steady urging from the head of the lane, pulled up short past the wire because of a fatal injury and was euthanized” (Equibase).

“showed no response to steady urging…pulled up…euthanized”: was whipped before dying. Mr. Marvin was eight; ’twas his 14th time under the whip.

In addition on Saturday:
Giant Dilemma “went wrong and was vanned off” at Gulfstream (one source has him dead but I will await further confirmation)

Bobs Gold “was vanned off sore” at Charles Town
Sweet Richter “was injured and had to be vanned off” at Fonner
Gracioso “weakened, pulled up, vanned off” at Golden Gate
Ferarri Lx “fell after wire, bled, vanned” at Remington
Mr Klee “vanned off” at Sunland
My Chinumado “vanned off” at Tampa Bay
Bert’s Baby “raced in unsound fashion, vanned off” at Turf

One day – this is horseracing.


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  1. Of course he is dead – that is all you assholes at these race tracks know what to report. Everyday casualties are the norm with you assholes. Just another dead horse who gives a shit is your attitudes. I hope the insurance company is hitting you bastards hard for these deaths. Maybe if they checked into things a bit better none of you would be getting any compensation for the losses. You don’t deserve it because you have no idea how to train and race properly. It is just another sad day at another loser of a track – may karma be wearing stilettos when she kicks you in the ass for your abuse of these poor souls. You are a disgusting bunch all of you.

  2. Thank-you Patrick for keeping all of us abreast of this vile business that knows no bounds.
    It doesn’t matter how many drastic changes Ms. Stronach brings forward because, as we clearly see here, the dying continues and whether it’s on a Stronach-owned track or another it’s all the same.
    Python Patricia (Farro) is at it again.
    In his very first start – BOR goes DNF (“lost contact”) at PARX racetrack Race #4 yesterday – fate unknown.
    Same track Race #1 NEW BOLTON BILLY. Barely finishes the race last by 25+ lengths.
    It seems like Python Patricia has squeezed the last bucks out of these two so it’s time to move onto the next victim when she claims TIZPROCESS for $20,000 – poor horse.
    She also claimed a horse called SMART AND TOUGH. The PP’s on this 7 year old gelding including a DNF clearly shows racehorse abuse, and inhumane treatment of an animal.
    Well, unfortunately for Smart and Tough it’s probably going to get a whole lot worse.
    He was pretty much the walking dead yesterday when she claimed him.
    It’s important to note that while checking out the Equibase charts for 1 specific horse it almost always reveals another racehorse that was either “eased” “DNF” or hardly finished the race.
    Horses like STREET OFFICER who “stopped” during the race, SHEPLAYSTHEFIELD “stopped abruptly.”
    Horse racing is a public butcher shop – end of story.

  3. Is this life imitating art? This racetrack sounds an awful lot like the track in “Saving Baby” by Jo Anne Normile.

  4. these people are out for just the money I hope they have a miserable live evil will come to them that deserve it

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