Five More Corpses for the Books

In the 8th at Fair Grounds yesterday, Oxford Comma “went wrong at the three-sixteenths and was vanned off” (Equibase). However, this being a stakes race, we now know (multiple sources) that the 4-year-old is dead, euthanized for her injuries.

While “thoughts [were] going out to the connections” of Oxford (on an apologist website), another racehorse died in relative anonymity. In the 4th at Parx yesterday, R Power Grid “suffered a serious injury to his left front leaving the backstretch and was subsequently euthanized.” Why the apathy from racing fans? R Power Grid was a cheap claimer – he was “For Sale” at $5,000 moments before dying – toiling at a cheap track. The 5-year-old was under the whip for the 41st time.

The NYS Gaming Commission has disclosed that 2-year-old Queen Bode was euthanized at Ruffian Hospital on March 3. No other details were released. At the time of her death, Queen Bode was being prepped for her first race.

Finally, in the most recent minutes from Los Alamitos, “two equine deaths were reported this week due to racing injuries”; the “week” in question comprised three days – February 22-24. As is typical, the stewards did not identify the dead, but it’s a good bet that one was Rosiescruella who was “vanned off” after a “win” on the 24th.

Dead horses every day – this is horseracing.


  1. VILE and heartbreaking.
    I’ve been keeping very informal records of the racehorses dropping dead that focuses on the sires of these racehorses.
    Over 80% of the sires were trained by multiple drug violators who have multiple racehorses that have died under their training regimes.
    So it seems that its being passed onto the breed, weakening their bones which in turn causes them to dope them up, use more potent dope to mask the issues, slap on some SWT for icing and them beat them to run.
    This business is doomed, and they only have themselves to blame not the animal rights activists, not the animal advocates and neither the true horse lovers.
    This business has always supported the dopers and cheaters
    The racehorses are crying out to us through their broken bones while they are laying in the dirt either dead or waiting to be given the pink solution in the needle.
    How can any NORMAL, rational, compassionate person support this public slaughterhouse?

  2. And people die every day too!
    Yes it’s tragic but these horses are bred to run. However I do concur that if a horse is not sound then it shouldn’t be run.
    I’m a racetracker for over 25 years, started at the bottom and worked myself up to the top. Ive trained, rode, groomed thoroughbreds. Each one was like “my child” to me. There are many of us who are in this sport not for just the money.
    If you’ve never worked on the backstretch then don’t lump everyone into the same mold!

  3. I I’m so happy, Washington Post, New York Times, Fox News and CNN are all over this! I know there’s still a lot of work to be done, but this is a fantastic start! We must be hopeful that these animals will be looked after. We also must be hopeful that the criminals behind all of this will be put behind bars, so that this will never happen again.

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