The Week in Racing

Last week on U.S. Thoroughbred and QuarterHorse tracks (not including training).

Gurt Boys “returned bleeding” at Parx
Giggle Byte “pulled up lame, vanned off” at Charles Town
Lily’s Pose “vanned off” at Sam Houston
Tiger Man “suffer[ed] an injury, vanned off” at Aqueduct
Hezajessforsure “bled” at Sunland
Gates of Dawn “vanned off” at Aqueduct
Algorix “returned bleeding” at Parx
Tizierra “bled” at Rillito
Outlaw by Nature “bled” at Rillito
La Brianna “vanned off” at Sunland
Kentucky Wildcat “vanned off” at Tampa Bay
Looking for Info “bled” at Rillito
Big Wave Betty “bled” at Rillito
Aeromosa “vanned off” at Tampa Bay

(source: Equibase)


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  1. Kentucky Wildcat is already diagnosed with a condylar fracture, and will have surgery this week. The racing world is bummed that this young horse is off the Kentucky Derby trail due to his injury, but I have seen comments already that this will probably not be career ending. A baby with a fracture, Shame.

  2. In Closing, a colt I was familiar with, had surgery for a condylar fracture but was euthanized about 8 weeks post surgery because of laminitis – weeks of suffering and for what ??

  3. Yes, Rose, I thought of that also, or the fact that some horses don’t come out of anesthesia well. And can injure themselves catastrophically.

  4. You assholes in this racing just don’t get it do you – you are constantly abusing and slaughtering these animals because of your own stupidity. I am not speaking as someone who does not know about horses – I have had them my whole life and I am a certificated animal handler and transporter with the SPCA. My Dad raced horses when I was younger so I spent many days at the race tracks and NEVER ONCE did we ever have a problem with our race horses. They were trained and handled at home and never even saw the track if there was any indication of them being somewhat lame or any other health issue. My Dad was a true horseman in every sense of the word and always believed in this – “A horse that loves and cares for a man was loved and cared for by a man” – Emma Bullington. I am not sure that any of your bastards would even understand what that quote even means – I really doubt it – not from the way you handle these poor animals. It is totally shameful and you should all be PUT DOWN instead of them.

  5. Burton Sipp again going to try to run a horse into the ground Roman Officer. Trace his path starting with the cobalt user Kevin Patterson. This is probably the end for Roman Officer. At least he is at Turf Paradise now shorter distance to Mexico.

    • Roman Officer has made a lot of money for a lot of people – where are those people now? And his circumstances are not unusual…countless racehorses are in the same sickening descent into hell that he is in.

      Racing fans are all over social media naming countless horses like Roman Officer and exclaiming “He deserves retirement!” and “Hasn’t she done enough?” and “Retire him and let him just be a horse!” and “Stop before she’s too broken down!” Yes, racing FANS…it’s laughable coming from them – but yet it’s the tragic truth. I always wonder, what are the criteria that determine when a horse has “done enough” or is, at last, “deserving” of retirement? How broken down must the horse be before he finally gets to “just be a horse”? Those fans REALLY go crazy over former stakes horses running for a tag…the claimers with back class…and while it’s additionally disgusting that the breeders, owners and trainers of racehorses who made a great deal of money are nowhere to be found when their former horses are begging for rescue while dropping lower and lower, the horses who were always just “cheap claimers” want to live just as badly.

      Racing fans who go ballistic over racehorses they say need to be retired (just look at Not Cloudy All Day on Twitter)…odd, isn’t it? They support racing – they, in fact, become very angry and defensive when confronted with the facts from Horseracing Wrongs. Of course, when I ask common sense questions that arise from a compassionate perspective, I am called a “hater” and reminded of all of the “good people” in racing. You know…“there is good and bad in everything” (I don’t know who coined that nonsensical phrase but the racing folks just LOVE it). And if I’m not already blocked after a comment/question or two (Why do they need to retire? Don’t the horses love it? The horse is only 10!…he’s in his prime! Aren’t they treated like kings and queens?…like family members?…get better care than the trainer’s own children?…eat before the trainer does? Racing is so safe, why would the horse be “too broken down” to enjoy retirement? How can there be so many horses that shouldn’t be racing if there are only a “few bad apples”?), it happens immediately when I simply suggest they get all those good people in racing to claim the horses they are worried about and give them homes. I have never gotten a response to that……..

  6. YES Joy!! I’ve started to follow Not Cloudy All Day also – and I often see tweets from people imploring “SOMEONE please retire this horse…” WHO is that someone supposed to be?! And why aren’t the people imploring “someone” to retire that horse being more proactive themselves and doing something to be that someone?
    I’ve also noticed frequent tweets to the offending tracks to please not allow certain horses to be entered. That is laughable. Those tracks don’t give a shit that that horse has been run every few days, or has always been last. Or that it may break down. Or that that is considered “abuse” by some. They are money and greed driven. As some people on there have tweeted, those horses are considered “gate fillers”.
    Sad reality. And the tracks hold their precious stalls over these desperate fools as a black mail system. They don’t run their horses (even if every few days) – they don’t get stalls next year. None of this industry looks out for the horses.

  7. Joy, the “fans” pleading for the life of these horses must know that their “voices” fall on the deaf ears of the merciless business that racing is. They also must know that their beloved “sport” rarely lifts a finger for these domed animals wheather they were money makers or not.
    If any help is to be had for the
    horses it will come from someone not connected to racing who digs into their not so deep pocket to do what racing refuses to do.
    At best, the “fans” need a reality check.

    • It seems like this would be a great story for the media to be involved in – maybe having a reporter check into the ins and outs of horse racing, etc may help the animals in the end where nothing else is going to change the situation.

  8. Horses are property. When it comes to other property, such as real property, there are rules and regulations as to how the owner can use it. However, when it comes to rhe horse it is up to the owner.
    There are no rules concerning it’s use and disposition . How can that be?

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