2-Year-Old “Collapses Fatally” at Gulfstream

2-year-old Tripwire in the 4th yesterday at Gulfstream, according to Equibase: “stopped entering the turn, and collapsed fatally near the quarter-pole.” Again, two years old – collapsed and died. Vile. Horseracing.


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  1. Heartbreaking! They think of them as disposable. The racing industry needs a lot of pressure on their backs, something tells me they will be getting it soon.

  2. This is just a different kind of slaughter of young horses, that’s all. Legal in the States, perfectly acceptable and profitable to the low life owners.

  3. Of course there will be drug tests and an necropsy !!! And even if there were, the truth would never come out.
    The 2yr. Old baby will be “disposed” of and it’s on to the next one. Isn’t that how it works in this horse abusing business – no accountability, no consequences, just drug, inject, abuse and kill with impunity.. Outrageous!!!

  4. Death and dying is a daily occurrence in this vile business with zippo accountability.
    Investigations rarely occur and if they do nothing rarely comes out of them indicating that they are nothing more than public wallpaper to get their billions in casino profits.
    TRIPWIRE yet another victim of Mike Maker and the Ramseys.
    Purchased for $75,000, an equine insurance policy most likely in place, not living up to the high level performance that the Ramseys expect to play in.
    Patricia Farro’s M.O is claiming horses who have a decent race record or old stake warriors and then squeezing them until they can’t give anymore or drop dead in the dirt.
    Patricia Farro is not unlike a slithering python, squeezing until they die, but the python probably has more moral scruples than this gal will ever possess.
    After all the python kills for survival, but Patricia does it for unnecessary greed and/or egos.
    Almost every single weekend she has a horse that DNF’s or disappears never to be raced again.
    Her victim this weekend was MERCY Race 10 at Parx.
    The charts claimed that he “stumbled,” but no explanation is given for this as their main focus was the fact that a major catastrophe was diverted when the jockeys veered away from the fallen horse.
    Now that MERCY is probably done she goes out and claims another victim to fill the stall: BERBERSLILBRIEBRIE – poor soul now in the hands of this monster and owners by the name of VACARRO Racing Stable – owners who actively claim these warriors and runs them into the ground or dumps them when they are no longer making money – human parasites.
    Please shut this horror show down.

    • Ah yes, “heart attack”…which the industry exclaims when one of their literal “baby” horses fatally collapses and the public hears about it.

      If Tripwire did die of a cardiac arrest – which given the circumstance of his death seems highly likely – we can be certain it wasn’t due to a congenital anomaly but rather, to the side effects of the Lasix and whatever other drugs he’d been receiving. From a Pennsylvania necropsy report, this from Brian Burks, D.V.M; “Electrolyte disturbances related to treatment with Lasix may have caused a fatal cardiac arrhythmia…also colon changes [“intestinal inflammation and erosion from gastric ulcers, common in racehorses”] may have contributed to any electrolyte disturbance (which in turn adversely affects the heart).

      I’ve had horses for 30 years and have countless acquaintances with horses, as well – not ONCE have I learned of a young horse dropping dead of a “heart attack” outside of the racing industry. Lasix, gastric ulcers and other drugs racehorses are given (clenbuterol is another culprit – it causes vascular changes leading to accelerated heart and respiratory rate, heart palpitations and elevated blood pressure) set them up for cardiac events.

  5. These myriad injuries and deaths are an atrocity. Let’s keep on sharing every one of them until the tracks close down. Thank you for providing a record of it all. Breaks my heart, but we who feel compassion must not look away — share and protest!

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