“Suffered a Catastrophic Injury” – Dead

The 10th at Parx yesterday afternoon, as relayed by Equibase: “LONDIE LOU…made a bold run while wide on the turn and into stretch, took the lead leaving furlong grounds, opened a clear lead with a sixteenth to go but then suffered a catastrophic injury in her right hind, was pulled up just past the wire and was euthanized.”

Viewed afresh, which is admittedly hard to do as I’ve reported thousands, these lines have a sort of otherworldly quality to them – like where and when are we living? What begins as a mundane sports recap – “made a bold run,” “opened a clear lead” – ends in death. Death. And it happens every day. America, awake.

Londie Lou…


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  1. Patrick, Thanks for keeping us posted on the horrendous abuse/murder of our precious horses. Within the last month I’ve seen some horse jumping competition. You can see that the horses really enjoy the sport. However, I’ve noted that the commentators have mentioned on numerous occasions that the horse jumping is young and then tells us he’s six. Why is it that they consider a horse young at the age of six, but the horses racing can be as young as two. It doesn’t take a genus to realize that their bones aren’t ready for racing.

  2. This poor mare was dragging her leg behind her as she tried to continue to run on. Sickening to see, and it will be hard to forget.

  3. It seems to me that they wanted to get her across the wire for their stupid bets all the while knowing that she had a broken leg.
    To those of you who are not familiar with their gambling profits a horse MUST cross the wire for bets to be cashed in, and for the wagering people to make their money.
    LONDIE LOU, according to the odds, had lots of money wagered on her and I wouldn’t put it past them.
    LONDIE LOU started her career at the infamous “premiere” track called Woodbine.
    We know that all tracks are the same and that every single one of them have dying horses as part of their freak show.
    LONDIE LOU was started at 2 years old, perhaps an injury back then was continually masked and kept her running because facts how that most racehorses who start at 2 are highly vulnerable to breakdowns.
    After all, their muscoskeletal systems are not even near developed while the pounding on them pushes them beyond their capacity, and that’s when most physical issues start.
    Her PP’s strongly suggest that something was not right with her, often losing races by lengths, and on the replays seems to show a very sore horse being whipped to run.
    We will never know how many times they injected LL, doped her up, or maybe even had either x-rays or ultrasounds showing the issues because all of these records, that the public bets on, is kept secret.
    Scott Fairlie has been connected with the HBPA during his murderous “career,” and this isn’t the first horse to die under his care like most trainers, and why would he even care when there are no repercussions or charges laid?
    She was probably sent there to die so they wouldn’t have to incur the costs of keeping her over the winter.
    Of course this is all speculation, but all indications seem to point to this, and I wouldn’t put it past this trainer or any one of them for that matter.
    LONDIE LOU another victim of this VILE business and the VILE people in it.
    You are all pathetic people and you all make me sick.
    LONDIE LOU so sorry for you.

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