More Racetrack Kills – Just Another Day

Adroit, under the whip for the 9th time, went down in the 3rd at Los Alamitos yesterday and, according to multiple sources, is dead. In the Equibase account, two other horses, Wonderful Becky and Sunset Melody, either “hit” or “jumped [over their] fallen rival.” “Fallen rival” – dead horse.

In the 10th at Delta Friday, Hold the Mic: “fell [in] upper stretch and appeared to injure himself seriously.” “Injured himself”? As for “seriously,” he, too, is dead – euthanized, I can confirm, for that self-inflicted wound.

Driveroff Thedeck was said to have “broken down” in the 5th at Golden Gate Saturday; “broke down,” for the uninitiated, is almost without exception racing-speak for dead.

This is horseracing.


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  1. This is so inhumane and disgustingly all about GREED!!!! Horses are beautiful, smart, and loving animals that do not deserve to be through such pain and agony all to bring money to the HEARTLESS HUMANS who control their fate! This should be outlawed and stopped because there are no Guidelines or Compassion when it comes to Greed:( Pure Cruelty at highest level 😢.

  2. This underground ugly sport which is based on lies and exploitation of beautiful animals for money…you’re exposed! This needs to stop, the truth is out and you cannot hide behind pomp and ceremony anymore…shame on you and justice for horses now and those who have lost their lives due to your cold hearted calculating behaviour!

  3. The Injustice of the Innocent & Voiceless! All animals deserve lives free from human-inflicted suffering. As the highest created being, humans have a moral obligation to be wise stewards of animals. Just because we happen to be the most powerful species on earth, we humans have the ability, but not the right, to abuse the so-called lower animals. The ends do NOT justify the means!

    We all know that there is something seriously wrong with a system where the best day of an animals’ life is the day that it is finally over.

  4. This is an absolute and utter disgrace. The industry is rotten through and through with everyone getting their cut including vets. How it is allowed is beyond me – oh wait – money. Shameful.

  5. Don’t you just hate the people in this industry. They are all in it for the money. The horses don’t matter. The jockies have little person syndrome. They can hit the horses without them fighting back. Such cowards.

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