Two Killed in Same Santa Anita Race; Another Kill at Gulfstream; A Dead Standardbred at Monticello – This Is Horseracing

Two horses were killed in the same race yesterday at Santa Anita. In the afternoon’s final “competition,” and separate and apart from each other, Tank Team and Unusual Angel “took bad steps,” were “severely injured” and eventually euthanized. How’s that for “sport”? Both horses were but two years old. UA’s trainer, Alexis Barba, said this (as relayed by BloodHorse): “What an awful day.” And yet she’ll continue to exploit, and have a hand in the killing of, more sentient beings for gambling cash.

In the 3rd at Gulfstream Thursday, Sir Senescal “fell while injured…euthanized on track” (Equibase). He was three. This makes (at least) six kills at Gulfstream in two weeks. How about a voter referendum on horseracing next, Florida?

From the NYS Gaming Commission: Whata Hustler was “euthanized by track vet [for a] suspected infected leg” at Monticello Wednesday. He was twelve (Standardbreds are typically abused for longer periods of time) and last raced in November.


  1. All for profit…just like war…saw terrible photos of severely injured bombed children in Syria who later died..for what I ask? To insure oil profits from Saudi Arabia. Horse racing for gambling profit. Be it humans or other creatures, the human animal is the most cruel.

  2. It appears that Alexis Barba, the trainer of Unusual Angel, a two (2) year old baby horse, said it was “an awful day” when this very young horse died when seriously injured in the race. Yep, just an “awful” day.

    It was more than “awful” for Unusual Angel.

    Hate to think of the serious injury/injuries suffered by Angel resulting in death.

    Was it –

    smashed up sesamoids
    smashed up fetlock
    total collapse of the suspensory apparatus
    fractured leg
    fractured carpal (knee)
    fractured shoulder
    fractured pelvis
    fractured neck
    fractured skull
    fractured back
    severe internal bleeding
    exercise induced cardiac failure

    that caused this baby horse to go down and die?

  3. Horse Racing is one of the most inhumane sports ever. These young horse’s knees aren’t even fully developed., yet they run these poor creatures into the ground all for the sake of monetary gain. Absolutely disgusting. This is one sport I would not be sad to see it banned altogether..

  4. I live in England, and I am appalled at the destruction of these YOUNG horses,as far as I am aware we do not do that here, how could you train and Profess to love them and then actually allow this to happen.

  5. Money that’s all it amounts to. Just like politicians they don’t care who or what is being hurt as long as their pockets are lined . They could make laws to stop all cruelty but no that’s to easy.

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