And Yet Another Kill at Gulfstream

I have confirmed that Steelman Run was euthanized after being “pulled up in distress” in the 7th at Gulfstream Sunday. Steelman was eight; this was his 56th time under the whip. For shame. This also makes four kills in five days at this celebrated Florida track.

Also, the NYS Gaming Commission has disclosed the death of 5-year-old Three Eighty Eight at Belmont Christmas Day – “euthanized due to pneumonia of approximately two weeks duration.” Another sad ending to a sad life.


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  1. Every single racehorse counts, every single death counts, but it’s the warriors that really wrenches my gut.
    By warriors, I mean the racehorses who run their butts-off for these blood sucking human parasites, make lots of money (more than enough to cover a soft landing), only to be dumped into the torture chambers known as the “claiming ranks.”
    STEELMAN RUN (SR), like most others, was most likely subjected to daily, repeated invasive, often painful, procedures to mask chronic issues that usually gets worse with every single race.
    All of his slave masters were probably well aware that SR was suffering, but chose to continue the suffering to flip another buck while knowingly risking his life.
    After all, they will never be held accountable for anything because they can always count on the secret medical records to protect their blatant racehorse abuse/killing.
    These people have no bottoms when it comes to morality – none.
    Not one of his many owners/trainers (he changed tracks and hands many times while making his money the hard way) ever considered his well-being because if they did they would have put him out on a farm where he belonged not fighting for his life on a track.
    SR died at Gulfsteam Park which is owned by Mr. Stronach AKA The Stronach Group AKA Adena Springs (their training and racing division) who promotes, supports, and provides the venue for hundreds of racehorses dying while collecting millions of wagering profits from his companies like XPressBet.
    He defends his public execution ring to the bitter end as a good delusional apologist does.
    From one animal exploitation business to another Mr. Stronach is the largest land owner in Florida for beef cattle – 95,000 acres to be exact.
    It’s known that his cattle farms produce massive pollution both on land and in the ocean in Florida although their slogan states: “A Stronach steak has to be everything it purports to be: environmentally friendly, humane and tasty.”
    STEELMAN RUN so sorry for you.

  2. THREE EIGHTY EIGHT yet another victim of racehorse trainer Linda Rice who maims and kills racehorses on a regular basis and has been doing this for years.
    This lady has no problem with maiming and dying racehorses sometimes under suspicious circumstances.
    From multiple drug violating trainers to trainers who kill on a regular basis this business supports them all.
    Linda Rice has never or never will be held accountable for all the racehorses who have died under her “care.”
    This is just a glimpse into the vile business called horse racing.
    Horse killing is more like it just like the banner of this blog.

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