Battle Joined Dead at Gulfstream

I have confirmed that Battle Joined is dead after “breaking down” in the 9th at Gulfstream Thursday. She was four; this was her 10th time under the whip.

This is horseracing.


  1. The horse didnt break down, one of battle joined(s) front feet( it is hard to tell which)hit the horse in front back foot and broke battle joineds fetlock…..once again the industry cant even make the right call or care too on what happens. To make matters worse, not one mention from the track announcer not even a hesitation in his race call. Battle joined was in 2nd place when this happened in direct view of the camara and yet not one word. No real suprise being gulfstream park owned by frank stronach, they flat out dont want you to know most times these replays are edited out or simply disappear.

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