Consensus Thinking Killed at Aqueduct (With Images); Sambucca Steve Killed at Gulfstream

A pair of kills Thursday…

In the 3rd at Aqueduct, says Equibase, Consensus Thinking “suffered a fatal injury to his left front” – euthanized on the track. But there is more to it than that. Turns out, Consensus ran on (riderless) after breaking down, eventually colliding with another horse before being put out of his misery. The images:

And the video:

In the 1st at Gulfstream, Sambucca Steve “took [a] bad step…euthanized.” Sambucca was almost nine; ’twas his 69th time under the whip. Long years of enslavement and exploitation, with a painful, terrifying, lonely death at the end. I’ve run out of words.


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  1. I’ve run out of words also for the criminal, deceiving thugs who make up this horrific illegal industry. Horse racing is about as low as a person can go for money.

  2. I saw this horrific wreck live on tv yesterday. They showed the winning horse heading down to the winners circle- the winning jockey appeared concerned about his colleagues. But in the winners circle – the winning connections were completely devoid of concern that potentially one or 2 horses were dead, and possibly 2 jockeys were seriously injured.
    They were too busy giggling, laughing, hugging, high-fiving, and congratulating each other. This is the blatant disgusting side of racing. No compassion, no conscience, no concern. They just live and function in their own little bubble of greediness.

  3. I can’t believe this bullshit! It wasn’t the horses idea to be saddled up to race nor the horse’s fault he fell. Yet people make our animals suffer for sport and entertainment!! When they are injured instead of nursing them showing love and loyalty they are seen as a burden, a burden that would cost money. The attitude is simple money cannot be spent on nursing an animal back to health when the cost of euthanasia is so much cheaper! Don’t give up friends, get even more angry! Use that to fight! Share this petition. Keep the momentum going!

  4. Sambucca Steve, the nearly 9-year-old gelding, was raced 3 times in 3 weeks this month for owner Michelle Winters and trainer Odin Londono, Jr. That third race – his 69th start – was also his last. Dead. For lousy $2 bets.

    • When did racing a horse so close to its last race become NORMAL behavior for trainers/owners. How do the stewards LIVE with themselves. A horse won’t even get over being sore if the race tired him at all. This is absoluite neglect.

  5. If you have run out of comments on that poor horses death, do you have any for 150 brumbies gut shot from helicoptors in Australia 2 days ago. Our gutless, lower than pond scum politicians allowed a brumby cull to go agead amidst much oppostion. Mares, foals hunted and shot dozens of times, left to die. Find words for that. Singleton Army Base. Rotten dirty low down b……..ds.

  6. This industry plays Russian Roulette with these racehorses’ lives every single day often resulting in their death.
    The predominant contributing factor is the SECRET doping/vet records on multiple levels.
    This lack of transparency ensures that nobody is held responsible when a racehorse dies, repeated painful invasive procedures, and total disregard for a racehorse by dumping them with no accountability whatsoever.
    I would even go so far to say, based on their lack of enforcement and laughable fines, that this industry sends a clear message that endorses the widespread cheating, corruption, abuse, and dying.
    This is an entire system of abuse that is covered-up with fancy hats and an “entertainment” banner.
    We know it’s not a sport, never has been, never will be.
    The owner Michelle Winters and trainer Odin Londono, Jr. of Sanbucca Steve sent Sambucca Steve to his death, more or less, but so did this entire industry.

  7. Such a horrific death. All of them are terrible, but Consensus Thinking definitely showed a fighting spirit, poor thing. Everything about horse racing is disgraceful, the owners, trainers, and all need to be held accountable for their actions. They have no hearts or souls.

  8. For the love of money , greed ,narcissistic power & ego , bloodsuckers are the reality of horseracing ! Remove the politics causing the myriad of fiascos upon these beautiful animals now!! The horses ARE the most valuable players on the [racing] team ; Guidelines , regulations & laws should be enforced to protect & respect the star players, end of story! The star players (the race horses) MUST become the very bottom line. Dirty scumbag trainers , owners, vets , jockeys who commit these heinous practices & crimes are felony criminals! Investigate ,arrest & convict these sonovabitches to prison fines , etc. , accordingly ! The horse racing industry lacks ‘leaders’ ! Instead, better known as tyrants/tyranny!

  9. Horse racing is similar to horse soring, both led by greedy people who care nothing for the welfare of the horses! When people end their support and stop the betting, the horses will have a good chance of living their lives without pain, drugs and death! They do deserve it! Man is the root of all evil that causes horrific suffering of animals!!

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