For $2 Bets

Last week in U.S. Thoroughbred and QuarterHorse Racing

Major Drama “suffered a catastrophic injury…euthanized” at Mahoning
Holy Chrome “took a bad step” at Mountaineer – subsequently confirmed dead
Gone Wild “vanned off” at Mountaineer
Warrior Lake “collapsed and died” at Parx
Runaway King “pulled up in distress, vanned off” at Remington
Junes’s Choice “bled and was vanned off” at Delta
Alta Bambina “pulled up in distress, vanned off” at Gulfstream
At Odds “pulled up in distress, vanned off” at Gulfstream
Unusual Champ “fell, DNF” at Turf
Alta Rita “went wrong, vanned off” at Turfway
Hoops Cigar “vanned off” at Delta
Ragazza Ritmo “fell and was euthanized” at Delta
Toasted Runaway “vanned off” at Evangeline
Magician’s Vanity “vanned off” at Gulfstream
Awesome Times Two “vanned off” at Laurel
Great Adventurer “vanned off after exiting the winner’s circle” at Laurel
Chirpy Bird “vanned off” at Remington
The Thrill Is On “bled and was vanned off” at Delta
Golden Caramel “vanned off” at Los Alamitos
Sourcesandmethods “vanned off” at Penn
Running for Ryan “vanned off” at Penn
Swift Shock “vanned off” at Remington
Get Down Running “vanned off” at Zia
Seaduction “vanned off” at Los Alamitos
To the Brink “went wrong, vanned off” at Portland
Barb’s Boo “vanned off” at Portland
Jess Mae Be “fell, vanned off” at Zia

Many if not most of the “Vanned” will resurface on my year-end FOIA Kill-Reports.
“Bled/Returned Bleeding From Nostrils” typically indicates pulmonary hemorrhage.

(source: Equibase)


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  1. This is so disturbing that it makes me realize just how heartless and delusional these apologists are.
    Day in and day out living sentient beings are being maimed and killed for $2 bets.
    How in the hell can any politicians be insane, stupid, or greedy enough to accept this business as anything other than legitimized animal cruelty?
    Not only that, but they rescue this dead and dying business with millions of precious taxpayers money, corporate welfare, or casino profits – all of which should be going to community essential projects.
    Local residents, horse lovers, and the community are all being continually drowned out by the horse racing industries direct line to politicians and the cash to back it up.
    The racehorses have no voice, no say in the matter as they are exploited for these creeps often leading to their public executions.
    It’s so sad – sorry to all the racehorses whose lives were forever maimed or for those killed this past week.
    I will continue to be a voice for you – you precious angels

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