First Race, Last Race

The 10th race at Delta Downs Thursday night was the very first for 3-year-old Ragazza Ritmo. It was also her last. No, her racing people did not have a sudden change of heart; she is not today ambling carefree in some arcadian pasture, forever free from the chains, bits, and whips of the racetrack. In fact, her first race was her last race because she is dead. Equibase: “up close early from the inside, dueled up the backstretch, held a forward position entering the drive, fell and was euthanized.”


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  1. This poor filly was beaten by the jockey to run in the front of the race, then when she started to fall back, he continued to beat her. What that actually was, was her leg starting to fail. This poor babe probably ran half the race with a failing, broken leg, which finally gave out in the stretch. Hopefully, as she fell, she hurt the little bastard that was on her, who was beating her to continue on as her poor young body broke out from under her.

  2. The whipping and beating of horses is blatant animal cruelty not acceptable business practices.
    The whip is the final bang to a horse that is running with pre-existing conditions, and/or tired, who is slowing down to protect themselves – this cements the breakdown.
    A domestic pet defines “royal treatment” better than this vile business ever will.
    So sorry for RAGAZZA RITMO you poor darling, and so sorry for all racehorses who are subjected to the inhumane, and brutal methods that this vile industry considers “royal treatment.”

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