“struck by the whip thirty times”

Animal abuse at Penn, again. From Equibase: “ANNA RAE had a comfortable lead most of the way while cruising in the two and three paths, came up empty at the quarter pole all while being struck by the whip thirty times inside the five sixteenths pole.”

“came up empty all while being struck by the whip thirty times”

Anna Rae is a cheap (she was “For Sale” at $4,000 prior to this race) claimer who was under the whip for the second time in a week. Her exploiters and abusers: trainer, Timothy Kreiser; owner, Chris Brent; jockey, Emilio Flores.


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  1. Her second race IN A WEEK? Could that be true? When did stewards approve this type of cruelty? Good god, she hardly has a chance to catch her breath. Do you suppose they are trying to see if she will collapse and they will get an insurance payoff? My grandpa would beat that trainer, owner, jockey – whoever is pulling the trigger on that poor horse.

    • She ran 12-5 and 12-12.

      There are also red flags – she was in a 20K at Saratoga in August (not claimed) – dropped to an 8K at Penn in September…claimed. Now running for 4K.

      • Serious red flags, first started at saratoga as a 2 yr old for 65k claiming price wins by lengths….is moved up to grade 1 stakes runs against the great rachaels valentina…the horses pp shows the clear decline saratoga belmont pimlico aquaduct parx penn national for 4k……4 years 26 races grade 1 to 4k at penn….this guy happens to be leading trainer at penn and i got some stories i will post when i have more time.

    • And 2 races in a week is probably not enough time for the horse to replenish electrolytes and fluids lost to the heavy doses of the drug Lasix.

      It is soo obvious racing, at every level, is complicit in any and all forms of horse abuse.

  2. Folks, horse lovers, supporters of this blog, animal lovers PLEASE PLEASE sign my petition on Care 2 to STOP 100 million dollars going to New Jersey horse racing.
    I can tell you with 100% certainty in another year from now Patrick will be posting dozens of maimed, vanned-off, and dead racehorses on New Jersey tracks.
    Residents of New Jersey are furious that Democratic leaders are hell bent on giving horse racing 100 million per year incorrectly quoting “thousands of jobs,” with NO proof and NO facts.
    On social media residents have been crying for more money to education and they can’t justify this amount of money going to horse racing instead.
    PLEASE Tweet this Senator, go to my petition, sign it.
    We must do something.
    There’s is no need for these politicians to, once again, prop up a dying business.
    The majority of people who signed my petition are from Europe – where are you Americans?
    Thanks to anybody who has signed it so far, but let’s show them what we got for the sake of the racehorses.
    The state of Penn horse racing is in the gutter and has been for a long time with thousands of racehorses being the victim of the massive corruption going on and New Jersey is on the same path.

  3. Yes please sign that but also in the news now is that renovating pimlico will be $420 + million. This will also most likely be footed by taxpayers – as the stronach group has said they will not be paying that much.

    • Ontario, Canada: 100 million per year for 20 years!
      New Jersey: 100 million per year for 5 years!
      Pimlico: 424 million for one reason – to have the Preakness there. Absolutely insane.
      Pennsylvania: millions per year.

      Collectively, billions per year going to this dying and dead business that exploits racehorses, whips/beats them to perform and generate wagering profits while very FEW people financially gain, and while taxpayers and the community (education, infrastructure) gets continually denied money by the politicians who support it.
      This is a business that’s rotten to the core.
      Nothing good comes out of it – no redeemable factors whatsoever, and them boasting about jobs is a joke.

      People we can do better than this.
      This vile business once again shows their pathetic lack of compassion while they permit a sentient being to be repeatedly whipped/beaten 30 times – these racehorses abusers belong in jail.
      This entire business needs to go.
      It drains precious natural resources, taxpayers coffers, and it seems to promote organized crime.
      It’s bad all around, bad for racehorses, people, and the communities that unwillingly support it.

  4. Whack, whack, whack, whack, whack, whack, whack, whack, whack, whack, whack whack, whack, whack whack, whack, whack, whack, whack, whack, whack, whack whack, whack, whack, whack, whack, whack, whack, whack!
    Com’on, com’on, com’on, horse go faster!
    (if anyone has ever been at the home turn, just before the straight to the wire, you hear some jockeys vocally abusing the horses, yelling and screaming at them and at the same time whipping them – literally terrorising these magnificent animals when the horses are trying to balance themselves when manoeuvring the tight turn – quite often this is when the initial injury occurs when a horse breaks down with a broken leg).
    I don’t give a damn that you’re feeling seriously fatigued, suffering muscle soreness, carrying a pre-existing injury (or condition) and that your legs simply cannot carry you any faster. Why would I give a damn about that. I’m paid to flog the living daylights out of ya and I don’t give a damn if I’m hurting you badly when you’re already hurting.

    Ah yes, the violent frenzy to the wire.

    This is, of course, horseracing.

    • Very, Very, Very, well said Carolyn………Horseracing is Vile! I think the majority of the public thinks these horses are so well cared for, they look so beautiful, groomed to perfection, etc etc., what a farce, HORSERACING KILLS MAGNIFICANT HORSES AT 2 YEARS OLD AND ABUSES AND TREATS THEM SO BADLY, THIS SO CALLED SPORT MUST STOP. THANKS CAROLYN!

  5. The 5 races leading up to ANNA RAE’S brutal public beating shows her struggling to get through the race, and finishes a combined 50+ lengths behind the rest while getting beaten.
    Anybody with one ounce of compassion would have safely retired this horse from her torture.
    Instead they just kept on her with the beatings and the number of whippings increasing.
    I suppose these dumb heartless asses think that beating them more will increase performance just like beating a kid who has a learning disability to get a better mark.
    These apologists are human parasitic scum, and so are the politicians who financially squander precious taxpayers money on this vile business.

  6. I have read comments defending horse racing-saying how great most of the horses are treated. Sorry-I don’t think forcing to race and a whip on their bodies could hardly be called great treatment. This doesn’t inclue all the other forms of abuse that many of these horses endure. So- sorry-but it is high time to retire this entertainment for humans. (like dog racing) Come on people-find entertainments that don’t involved using animals for your amusement. Too many horses have died or had bad injuries from this “entertainment.”

  7. This sick business tries to justify taxpayer money being used to prop up a morally bankrupt “business” by falsely “advertising” all the “jobs” to be created. Most people could debunk that claim – it would not even take a substandard economist or accountant to blow up that claim !!
    Liars! But it’s racing and, therefore, par for the course.

  8. Absolutely, Rose! The majority of the workers on the backside of tracks are foreign- born Hispanics, and they are making minimum wage, if not even less, and many are then sending that money home to families in their native countries. They live in dorms on the grounds, or in groups in rented houses and apartments, then move on when the season closes and it’s time to go to another track in another city! So a track may create some jobs, but it is nowhere near the huge economic boom and financial windfall that the government funding these messes make them out to be.

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