Four More Dead Racehorses

Recent deaths disclosed by the NYS Gaming Commission:

Frankies Rockngirl in the 1st at Batavia Friday – “took bad step after half; sustained fracture – ambulanced off track and euthanized.” Frankies Rockngirl was three.

Formal Event at Belmont Friday – “found deceased in stall; horse was under treatment by veterinarian for gastrointestinal issues.” Formal Event was three.

Bluegrass Flash in the 6th at Aqueduct Saturday – “sheath laceration; owners opted for euthanasia [next day].” Bluegrass Flash was seven.

And finally this from the Los Alamitos Stewards Minutes: “one equine death was reported this week [Nov 30-Dec 2] due to racing injuries” – identity withheld.

This is horseracing.


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  1. What is it going to take to stop this Hose Racing Slaughter. The people involved have no clue – they are starting these horses way too young and pushing them way too hard all for the god damn almighty dollar. Each owner, trainer should be charged a huge dollar fee if these animals are put down at the track for any reason involving their own stupidity in which case we would automatically end the god damn horse racing completely. All of these leg injuries that are happening causing death are due to them being too young where their bones are not even developed and most of all being pushed beyond anything even reasonable. How can so many people be so god damn stupid and ignorant – you all need to be lined up and just shot to end this abuse – we don’t give a damn about any of you bastards but we do care 110% about the lives of the horses.

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